5 Amazing Reasons To Host On Airbnb This Summer

The sharing economy is bigger than ever, and becoming an Airbnb host is one of the easiest, most hassle-free ways of getting involved. If you haven’t already listed your London flat or house, here’s a roundup of 5 benefits of joining Airbnb. And if you’re already a member of the community? Well, this list will confirm what a great decision you’ve made.

1. You’ll make money to pay for your own holiday

Internet, meet Paul & Chuck, top friends of Sir P. John and Hostmaker hosts to boot. We helped them through their first time listing on Airbnb – in fact, they only listed 4 days before they jetted off on holiday themselves! We love a challenge, so we worked tirelessly over the 4 days to get their flat guest-ready – we put the finishing touches with our cleaning service andfresh linens, and the process for them was effortless. We managed their bookings while they kicked back on a sun lounger, and when they returned they’d made enough money to cover the cash they’d spent booking their holiday. You can’t say fairer than that!

2. You’ll become a member of a tight-knit, like-minded community

Nothing makes better dinner party conversation than the sharing economy, and as a part of it you’ll be better-placed than most to talk of its perks. But being part of the Airbnb community isn’t just about bragging rights. You’ll get access to all areas to host parties and meet-ups, as well as having a group of friends on hand who really understand what it’s all about. And guests aren’t just guests: welcoming someone into your home is a rewarding experience, and you’ll leave for your own summer sojourn safe in the knowledge that you’re helping to make someone else’s holiday great.

3. Your house-sitter pays you

Going on holiday can be an unexpected chore. Who’ll feed Casper the cat? What about watering Colin the cactus? (Trust us, people name their plants too.) And it’s not just the logistics of it – these things cost cold, hard cash that would be better spent on beachside cocktails. When you let your home through Airbnb, guests (and Hostmaker) will look after your home while you’re gone. And the best bit? They pay you for the privilege.

4. Your home gets the deep clean it deserves ????

Your spring clean is long overdue, but with no real reason to do it the cobwebs on your double-height ceilings show no sign of disappearing. When you sign up to host on Airbnb, you’ll be polishing cupboards and plumping cushions before you know it. But if that sounds like your idea of hell not heaven, have no fear. There are Airbnb management services that’ll provide you with fresh linens, inbox management and the all-important cleaning service. *cough*

5. You can travel authentically wherever you go

As an Airbnb host, you’ll never want to stay in a soulless hotel room again. From your own (temporary) home in a new city, you can experience life as the locals do, spending your summer soaking up the authentic culture of a new territory as well as some much-deserved sun. And all with the slightly smug satisfaction that you’re part of it, too.

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