5 easy ways to make your Airbnb guests feel at home

Opening your door to paying Airbnb guests is one thing, but making them feel truly welcome and comfortable is another – and the thing that will earn you 5* reviews! But don’t be put off. Hosting on Airbnb doesn’t have to be a chore, and just a few simple touches can make the difference between a happy guest and a disgruntled one. We’ve put together a list of 5 simple but sure-fire ways to keep smiles on guests’ faces (and yours when the rave reviews roll in!). And if it still sounds like too much trouble? There are Airbnb management services who’ll take care of the little touches for you (ahem…).

  • Give a warm welcome

The first thing on a guest’s agenda after setting down their suitcase is a strong cup of coffee (or tea, if they’re taking the British culture seriously). And fresh off a long-haul flight, what could be more irksome than empty tea, coffee and sugar jars? You’re under no obligation to provide tea and coffee (or sugar, toilet paper and shower gel) to your Airbnb guests, but oftentimes these small details can make a massive difference.

  • Make a house a home

When working out what a guest wants, it helps to put yourself in their shoes. Why did they choose Airbnb over a hotel? They probably preferred the cosy warmth a real home offers over a sterile hotel room, so making sure your home is inviting (and Instagrammable!) before you leave is a great way to ensure good first impressions. Have trinkets on displaythat show your personality, and be sure to deck the rooms out with throws, rugs and cushions – this is what hotels lack, and what’ll keep your guests coming back for more.


  • Wifi, wifi, wifi

It’s all very well creating a perfectly Instagram-worthy home, but imagine a guest’s frustration if they go to apply their favourite filter and find there’s no Wifi available? #notcool. Put your password at the very top of your house manual, and give it a quick test run before you head out for the last time.

  • Keep them entertained

While guests will probably have a whole list of hotspots their friends have insisted they try while in town, it’s worth planning for the nights they may opt to stay at home. Having a selection of DVDs, board games and books around for them to browse is something not all Airbnb hosts think to do. But it’s something that guests will greatly appreciate, and it’ll set you apart as a 5* host with little effort on your part.

  • Tuck them in

For all our preaching about the benefit of Airbnb over hotels, there’s one thing hotels always get right: a great night’s sleep. Their sheets are always freshly laundered and the beds are made to perfection. And if you’re lucky, their towels are fluffy too. This is a sentiment that guests share, and they’ll notice straight away if your own linen isn’t up to scratch. If you don’t want to go to the expense and trouble of purchasing and laundering sheets before and after every stay, consider using an Airbnb management service that also offers crisp linen rental. (Again, ahem…)

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