5 Reasons To Outsource Your Airbnb Cleaning

5 Reasons To Outsource Your Airbnb Cleaning

5 Reasons To Outsource Your Airbnb Cleaning

When you rent a property on Airbnb, it’s important to provide guests with a welcoming place to stay. This means that Airbnb cleaning is a must and it isn’t something that can be anything other than great. Airbnb cleaning does not simply mean that a quick vacuum and polish is in order before guests arrive, it means ensuring every room is pristine from top to bottom.

Whereas some Airbnb hosts choose to take care of the cleaning themselves, others decide to outsource it. Though there is no right or wrong way to go about ensuring your Airbnb property is clean, there are a number of benefits that come with outsourcing the task. This is why outsourcing cleaning is so popular among Airbnb hosts.

Why Should You Outsource Your Airbnb Cleaning?

If you’re struggling to decide on whether or not to outsource your Airbnb cleaning, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of impressive advantages of doing so. For example:

    1. It’s One Less Thing for You to Worry About – Let’s face it, managing and renting out an Airbnb property isn’t always easy. There’s a lot to think about and it can be somewhat time-consuming, especially when you have to organise guests checking in and guests checking out. So, why not give yourself one less thing to worry about? Outsourcing your Airbnb cleaning allows you to hand over the responsibility to a professional, someone who truly knows what they are doing. Rather than having to take the time to clean everything yourself, you can relax knowing that the Airbnb cleaning is being taken care of by someone else. This means that you’re free to focus on other aspects of renting out a property.

    2. The Property Will Be Cleaned to a Professional Standard – Regardless of how well you think you can clean a property, the chances are that you’re not able to do it as well as a professional Airbnb cleaning service. Whether you outsource the cleaning to an individual or a team of cleaners, you can rest assured that the property will be cleaned to a professional standard. This is often a standard that many Airbnb hosts are unable to achieve themselves, simply because they don’t have the experience or time. Think about it, how many cleaning tips and tricks do you really know? By outsourcing the Airbnb cleaning, the property will be cleaned top to bottom and it’ll be left spotless. Having the property cleaned to a professional standard is also likely to impress guests, which could lead to great reviews and repeat bookings. After all, a clean property is one of the top things that a potential guest will look for before going ahead with a booking.
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    4. It Allows You to Focus on Other Aspects of Managing Your Airbnb Property – When you rent out a property with Airbnb, there is a lot to consider. For example, you need to manage bookings and organise when guests are checking in. Plus, as an Airbnb host, you will need to ensure that everything inside of the property is in good working order; do any of the light bulbs need changing? Is the WiFi working? Has anything broken? Does anything need replacing or updating? However, if you also add Airbnb cleaning into the mix, it takes time away from everything else. By outsourcing the cleaning responsibility, you can focus on these other aspects of managing an Airbnb property.

    5. It Gives You More Free Time – Whether being an Airbnb host is a side project or your main source of income, you’re sure to have other things that you would rather be doing. This could be going to work, spending time with family, playing sports, hanging out with friends or enjoying your favourite hobby. However, cleaning the property in between guests can greatly reduce the time you have to do these things. When you outsource Airbnb cleaning, you will have more free time to use how you want. Renting a property on Airbnb should be an enjoyable experience and taking the time to focus on other things is a big part of that.

    6. You Can Benefit from a Bespoke Cleaning Service – When you outsource your Airbnb cleaning, you will be able to take advantage of a bespoke service. Rather than simply settling for a standard cleaning service, there are many that will allow you to specify on the type of cleaning that you would like done. For example, you could request there to be a focus on the kitchen or you could request for bed linens to be cleaned in a certain way. This is not always possible when you try to handle the cleaning yourself, as one pair of hands isn’t usually enough. A bespoke cleaning service is often a lot quicker than taking care of Airbnb cleaning yourself, which maximise the amount of time you can rent the property for. Instead of blocking out an entire day between guests to allow for cleaning, you could request for the cleaning to take place immediately after guests check out and before the next guests check in.

A lot of Airbnb hosts are initially put off of outsourcing their cleaning by the additional cost that it brings. After all, it doesn’t cost a penny to clean the property yourself. However, this additional cost is usually one that’s worth it. Though you will need to spend a little more to have your Airbnb property cleaned by someone else, you are also likely to benefit from an exceptional service and a level of cleanliness that is otherwise hard to achieve. It’s a small price to pay for a spotless property. Additionally, there’s no need for you to worry about stocking up on cleaning equipment or specialist products. Instead, the team you are outsourcing to will take care of everything from beginning to end.

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