5 signs you’re ready to host on Airbnb

September means darker nights, new school uniforms for your little ones, and the leaves beginning to turn from green to brown. But the end of summer is also a great time for afresh start. Take a leaf out of the books of our hosts and make this autumn a productive one by signing up to be an Airbnb host. Better yet, why not sign up to an Airbnb management service so you can enjoy your new-found income hassle-free?  If you’re not sure whether becoming an Airbnb host is right for you, or need a little convincing that now is the right time to take the plunge, the handy guide below will tell you if you fit the ready-to-host bill!

1. You’ve used Airbnb as a guest and loved it.

Your last holiday was your best, and you and your travel companions can’t stop gushing about how staying in an Airbnb – a home away from your own – made all the difference. After the initial ‘what if something goes wrong?!’ trepidation (don’t worry, it’s a natural feeling the first time), your stay was silky smooth, and you loved seeing how real locals live in a new city. If this sounds familiar, you’d make a great Airbnb host! Many guests turn to hosting when they return from a stay, and previous guests often make the best hosts. They know what guests like, and they know how to deliver it to ensure they get 5* reviews and maximum occupancy – meaning lots of extra cash to put towards future Airbnb travels.

2. You’re a keen culture connoisseur.

You love learning, and have ‘travel broadens the mind’ displayed somewhere in your quirky, beautifully decorated flat. You relish meeting new people and diving into new cultures, and sharing insider tips with visitors to your city is one of your favourite things to do. So why not turn this passion into a paying gig? After all, your flat stands empty whenever you’re away (which is often!), and you’ll get to network with hosts from all over the world: you’ll be armed with new friends as well as stacks of local info wherever your travels take you.

3. You travel. A lot.

This brings us neatly to our next point – hosting on Airbnb means your house-sitter pays you whenever you go on holiday. Long gone are the worries of who’ll feed the cat, who’ll water the plants and who’ll keep an eye on the boiler while you’re out of town. When you become an Airbnb host, a paying guest will take care of your everyday tasks (and will really love doing so), and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you’re making someone else’s trip as fabulous as the one you’re about to embark on.

4. You’re really into this Sharing Economy thing

You find yourself steering dinner party conversation back to the Sharing Economy at any given opportunity, and love talking about how you recently read that collaborative startups and businesses are changing the way we buy and sell. Uber and Deliveroo are high up on your list of most-used apps too, so joining Airbnb as a host makes total sense while also making you part of the conversation. Literally and figuratively ????


5. You have bills to pay.
We know this is one everyone is nodding along to, but the financial benefits of hosting onAirbnb shouldn’t be overlooked. House prices are rising, and we’re sure your mortgage takes a big chunk out of your monthly income. So why not make your home start earning its keep by renting it out to paying guests when you’re not using it. You can put it straight towards your mortgage (or anything else you’d like!) – makes sense, doesn’t it?
6. You pimped your place and booked a deep clean before you finished this article.

Well…nobody is that keen. But if you’re curious, we recommend giving it a go! You don’t need to commit to a certain number of bookings or months’ availability, and you don’t even need to accept a booking should you get cold feet. We’re constantly overwhelmed by the love our hosts have for Airbnb, and hosting itself. And if you’d like more information before giving it a whirl, you can check out our previous blog too: 5 amazing reasons to host on Airbnb.

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