How to Achieve 5* Reviews from Every Guest

5 star hotel room

As a large team of hospitality industry experts, our flock has achieved over 52,000 reviews. That’s quite an achievement for a company which was formed just five years ago. But we obviously know the secret recipe to impressing guests and nailing those five stars. And we’re willing to share it with our fellow feathered hosts who want to look after their nest…

Here’s a quick guide to impressing every single guest and getting those all-important 5* reviews on a regular basis. You’re welcome!

Be consistent

Of course, consistency is always key! Ensure that every single guest gets the five star treatment, not just four out of five, or nine out of ten guests. Be the best host and be consistent in your hospitality services, and your reviews should remain consistent too.

Exceed expectations

To achieve a five star rating for the ‘overall experience’ you must exceed expectations in every single part of their stay. This includes making the stay extremely comfortable, with high quality bedding and a supportive mattress, and having pristine standards across the property. Include absolutely everything your guests might need, from tea and coffee to toiletries – or even a bottle of wine!

Communication is key

Guests use Airbnb because they want an authentic experience with a personalised touch. They want to build a relationship with their local host, so give them the opportunity to do this. A stay is typically rated from the moment the potential guest gets in touch with the host. If you communicate well and are super friendly and helpful, they will already have a positive feeling about your property. Communication throughout the stay is also vital – check up on your guests and check if they have any questions or need any help getting around. A general follow-up is also a nice touch and doesn’t take long if you have it saved to copy and paste.

Add value

During the review process guests will also assess the value of their stay. Rather than lower your prices and miss out on profits, you should always aim to add value. Your property might be slightly more expensive per night than the one over the road, but if it’s worth the extra cash then it’s still good value. Get it? Think about those extras and offer your guests something for free, like a late check out.

Take on

Lastly we can’t emphasise enough the importance of taking on board the private feedback shared by your guests. There is always room for improvement, and if you want your nest to be the best around then you should listen to suggestions.

Good reviews increase occupancy rates – so earning those five stars should be a top priority.

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