Between the sheets – why good linen matters

Mums are full of advice: work less, eat more, drink less, save more. While we probably all honed our selective hearing skills before we flew the nest, there’s one pearl of wisdom from our youths that cements the fact that mums really do know best – a good night’s sleep is invaluable.

So, what makes a good night’s sleep? A quiet environment helps, as does downtime beforehand and a nightcap (or two). But above all, we’re advocates of quality bed linen. We’re talking high thread count, freshly laundered, ironed with precision and expertly fitted – hotel standard. While it’s understandable to slack a little when making a bed for your own use, or for a visiting relative, high quality, 5* bed linen is a must when hosting paying Airbnb guests. And though said guests love your home’s quirks and unique style – it’s a selling point when weighing up the merits of choosing Airbnb over a hotel – time and time again we’re finding that guests expect hotel standard linens and towels, with a lack thereof being reflected in their reviews when they leave.
For this reason, we’ve made perfect sheets (and towels) our mission. As part of our Airbnb Guest Ready Package, your guests enjoy 200 thread count, 100% cotton, freshly laundered and pressed bed linen, as well as 600gsm fluffy towels and fancy toiletries, with beds and bathrooms prepared by housekeepers trained to hotel standards. That’s the trick of our trade – our secret sauce. So, now that you’re armed with that nugget of info, what’s the benefit of having an Airbnb management service provide your linen, we hear you ask?

Well, stripping and making beds is hard work. Then there’s the time spent washing sheets, drying them, ironing them. And if you’ve got consecutive bookings, this workload quickly doubles, triples…etc. You could have your housekeeper do it. But that time could be better spent cleaning surfaces or tidying, for example. There’s also the option of taking them to the launderette. But that can get expensive, and become quite the bicep workout while carrying them there and back. As Airbnb hosts ourselves, we quickly learnt that a lot of work goes into getting bedrooms and bathrooms just right, so our Guest Ready linen offering is designed to take the hassle out of hosting, while ensuring your listing benefits from glowing reviews – all without you having to lift a finger. You’re welcome 😉

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