Brick by brick – building a responsible, reliable business

Since getting into the sharing economy game what feels like many moons ago, it’s fair to say we’ve had some success – multiple amazing fundraising rounds, growth into new cities, etc. We owe a large part of this success to spending countless hours in ‘The Nest’ getting the basics right – while the sharing economy may be relatively new, hospitality is old school, and we’ve years of experience in it. Accordingly, crunching the numbers suggests we’re doing something right: Hostmaker homes are performing ‘better’ than Airbnb equivalents, with our average star rating at 4.9/5* for cleanliness. This is in no small part thanks to the fact we fully employ an in-house team of spectacular housekeepers and pay them a fair, living wage – outsourcing was not an option.

Foundations covered, we then turned our collective brain to combining this basic brilliance with creating memorable guest experiences. The sharing economy is a crowded space, and too often we’re seeing businesses forget that sharing means caringfor their own staff, as well as customers. We’re passionate about people, so we spend a lot of time recruiting the crème de la crème, as well as providing them with the tools and training needed to get the job done right, every time. By not outsourcing teams like housekeepers, drivers or guest greeters, we have full control over their output and create a much better guest experience. Ensuring your guests have a great time is our bread and butter, so who better to look after the people making that happen than us? When things go wrong, we’re the first people to know, and can rectify it swiftly and smoothly – this would be no easy feat if using an agency. We also know that by having these core functions employed as fully valued members of staff, they feel the Hostmaker love as much as we do, and strive to do their best every time they step foot in your home.

Can you tell how much we love our teams on the ground? Every decision we make has one main objective: how can we make life easier for our staff? And though that goes some way to showing them how valued they are, we also provide them with lots of TLC to ensure they stick around with us on the Hostmaker journey. As well as a fair wage, we regularly put on things like massage sessions and homeopathic therapy days, and our efforts are paying off. While the hospitality industry’s average staff retention rate is 30%, ours is soaring at 80%. This team stability is invaluable in making sure your homes are well-looked after, without exception.

Despite our constant growth, we’re confident that we’re managing to uphold our values at every stage of operation – including making sure you, our beloved hosts, are happy too. We speak to you personally when you have questions or concerns (robots are not welcome here), and we make sure that guests are warmly greeted and looked after for the duration of their stay. We love being a , we love looking after your home and guests, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next.


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