Dreaming Of Warmer Weather? Have The Freedom To Escape With A Residential Management Company

residential management company.

Dreaming Of Warmer Weather? Have The Freedom To Escape With A Residential Management Company

The paperwork is piling up on your desk, you have to make a trip out in the rain to address a tenant issue, then drive to another property to screen some new potential tenants, later make a call to the local plumber because a sink in one of your properties is blocked, but there’s just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.

If this sounds like your life, then you’re doing it wrong. Holidays, trips away and weekends off as a landlord are entirely possible if you take advantage of a residential management company.

Taking away the daily stresses

Being a landlord can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience, but with that comes a lot of responsibility and sometimes a lot of stress. This line of work can be demanding, and with it being a people-facing job, there are often common and unavoidable issues that you simply have no control over, and these common issues can suddenly seem like a huge deal when the idea of a holiday is on the table.

Daily tasks can quickly start to add up such as advertising an empty property, responding to a tenants email or catching up on missing rent, and before you know it, you’ve already got 100 mundane yet essential things on your to-do list that must get done. For many busy landlords, this could mean waving goodbye to their palm-tree paradise.

Rental management companies such as Hostmaker are here to swoop in and relieve some of that weight, leaving you with the time and freedom to get on with stuff that really matters, such as taking a well-deserved break to enjoy your hard-earned income.

Keeping things ticking over in your absence

Going away as a landlord can bring up a lot of questions and ultimately, a lot of anxieties. What if one of my tenants have a problem? What if the heating stops working in one of my properties? What am I supposed to do if someone wants to start renting with me whilst I’m away?

These are all things that can be taken care of by your residential management company, and things you won’t have to worry about whilst you soak up some sun on the beach with something cold in hand. Hostmaker can keep daily business ticking over whilst you’re away, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and any problems are swiftly and professionally dealt with and that no opportunities are missed. It’s so seamless that your tenants won’t even be affected, they can just go about day to day life knowing that if they need anything, there will be a friendly point of contact for them to call whenever they need.

Saving you time as a property owner

Some landlords when going away may rely on a temporary fill-in, or simply provide their tenants with an emergency phone number of someone they trust. However, this fill-in may be a friend or family member with no experience in dealing with tenants, therefore they will require a lot of briefing and training to man the ship in your absence. Also, simply giving an emergency contact number isn’t enough to make tenants feel reassured. This is just another thing that you’d need to add to your list of things to do before you go, making that holiday seem like an impossible daydream.

Your property management company will handle all communications with your guest or tenant. Hostmaker will deal with all issues and queries,  giving you more time to pack that suitcase ready for your trip.

What’s included in property management services?

What’s the difference between using a residential management company and simply using a friend or relative as a temporary fill-in during your time away? Here are just some of the property management services you can expect from us if you choose Hostmaker as your rental management company:

  • Manage reservations and check-ins – while you’re on holiday, our friendly and professional team can manage any reservations and check-ins, as well as any other people facing jobs.
  • Maintenance – we can keep up end-to-end maintenance of your properties. Whether you have just the one or a full property portfolio, we can make sure everything is kept in working order. On-call specialists are always at the ready!
  • Acting as a point of contact – both for you and your tenants, we can make sure any communication is handled so nothing is missed (and help to keep your inbox empty so there are no dreaded “unread messages” to scroll through on your return.

If residential management services seem like something that’d be perfect for you as a busy landlord or property owner, feel free to get in touch with us today. We’ll be able to talk you through all the available services and work out a plan of action to get you on that much needed holiday!

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