5 conseils pour décorer votre appartement Airbnb

Have you ever heard that appearances can be misleading? Well, your future Airbnb travelers do not agree. When they choose their cozy nest for their vacation, travelers rely heavily on the ad pictures – and they have a wise eye. Highlighting your apartment (and making it match the photos until the arrival of the travelers) should therefore be one of your priorities when you rent it on Airbnb.

We have already given you some of our favorite tips for travelers to feel at home. But if your dwelling needs a little more thoughtful detail to seduce travelers – maybe the decoration is dated or too cluttered – let us give you 5 quick and easy tips to apply and that will allow your ad d Attract the largest number of travelers. And also to get reviews 5 *?


  1. Try a coat of fresh paint

This is probably the easiest and most affordable way to improve the appearance of a room – the color of the walls influences the entire energy of your apartment. Neutral tones are ideal for highlighting your personal touches, without the risk of disturbing travelers. However, if you want to dare, some bright colors from Farrow & Ball, such as Citron No. 74 and St Giles Bleue No. 280, are a good idea to give your space a whole new dimension.

  1. Unroll the carpet

It is important that your new apartment looks inhabited, but also renovated – after all, this is what adds the charm that the Airbnb traveler expects, when he avoids at all costs the hotel. A carpet can be an essential element in any living space, as an accessory next to other furniture, with a touch of comfort. And boldly patterned rugs are also an easy way to give style to a room.

  1. Dare the art

Artworks are another infallible way to add color and charm to a space otherwise without personality – this gives peps and attracts the eye of travelers. Choose one or two key colors from your room, and look for works of art with these same tones. The artwork should sublimate the room, not damage it, so do not opt ​​for Andy Warhol in your chic country apartment. And do not forget to hang them centered, at eye level.

  1. Shopping

We are experts in apartment makeover (see our Pinterest if you do not believe us!), And we found that in the most unexpected places you can find the best objects of interior decoration. At Zara there are some nice little tables, eBay can buy rare pearls dating back to the middle of the century, and Etsy is the ideal site for posters and unusual photos. When shopping for small items for your apartment, do not rule out a store before you have a look – you never know what you can fall on, and what this item might inspire.

  1. Take your time

We have already spoken of the fact that your apartment must give the impression of being inhabited, cozy and comfortable, in spite of its renovated look. A good way to get an authentic decor is to allow your apartment to evolve over time. If you decorate a space little by little, adding only the objects for which you have a favorite, the style will be much more attractive, without it making false (artificial?). Your Airbnb photos will have an authentic side and it will make travelers even more want to book.



If all this seems to you a lot of work, know that the makeover of your apartment is included in the Airbnb management package. But if you think you are the king of do it yourself , take a look at our tricks and watch the number of bookings increase.

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