5 signes qui prouvent que vous êtes prêts à louer sur Airbnb

Summer is fast approaching, and we’re sure you’re already thinking about your next (big) holidays!

And who says dream destination, so-so budget … renting your apartment on Airbnb this summer could be a very good idea to finance your trip but are you ready?

Here are the signs that prove you are!


  1. You used Airbnb as a traveler, and you loved it.

Your last vacation was the best ever, and with your friends you keep saying that staying together in an Airbnb – an apartment away from yours – made all the difference. After a first feeling of anxiety – What if something goes wrong? – (do not worry, this is normal the first time), your stay was finally enjoyable and went well, and you enjoyed seeing how the locals live in another city. If that’s your case, you would make an excellent Airbnb host! Many tourists become hosts themselves upon return from their stay, and travelers are often the best hosts. They know what tourists like, and they know how to pamper them in order to get 5 * reviews,


  1. You are passionate and love culture.

You like to meet new people, immerse yourself in new cultures, and share insider tips with tourists in your city is one of the things you prefer. So why not turn this passion into an activity that pays? After all, your apartment is empty whenever you are away (which often happens!), Not to mention the chance to join a network of hosts from around the world: you will be surrounded by new friends, A lot of good local plans, where your travels take you.


  1. You travel. A lot.

This leads us to our next argument – staying on Airbnb means that the guardian of your apartment pays you every time you go on vacation. More worry about who is going to feed the cat, who will water the plants and who will take a look at the boiler while you are not there. When you become an Airbnb host, a traveler will take care of your daily tasks (and it will please him!), And in return you will feel welcoming and serene at the thought of making someone’s stay as fabulous as The one you are about to undertake.


  1. You are for a sharing economy

At your dinners and evenings, you often find yourself talking about sharing economics, and you like to quote the last articles you’ve read about how startups and collaborative companies change the way we buy and sell to sell. Uber and Deliveroo are some of the applications that you use most often, so joining Airbnb as a host, would be very consistent with your principles, and you will master the subject better than anyone else!


  1. You have bills to pay.

We know, everyone agrees on this point, the financial benefits of accommodation on Airbnb are not negligible. Apartment prices are rising, and we know that your home loan represents a good part of your monthly salary. So why not make your apartment a source of income by leasing it to travelers when you are not there? You could use this income to repay your credit (or use it to finance what you care about!) It’s convenient, right?


  1. You have taken care of the decoration of your apartment and booked a cleaning service before the end of this article.

Well … no one is as ready as you! But if you still ask yourself the question, we suggest you try at least! You do not need to commit to the number of reservations or a monthly availability, and you do not even have to accept a reservation if you ultimately want to. We are constantly and pleasantly surprised by the interest our guests bring to Airbnb, and the principle of accommodation in itself.

If you want more information before you start, you can also check out our previous blog: 5 great reasons to host on Airbnb.

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