Get down to the details: writing your Airbnb listing

Here at Hostmaker, we have in the past talked about how great interior design and stunning photos can make a difference to standing out on Airbnb. But there is another element to sharing your home on Airbnb that can encourage a guest to book a stay in your property: the description and the listing itself.

While you don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a great listing, we understand that the task can be quite daunting for people who are new to the platform. So the Hostmaker Blog team sat down with our very own Onboarding Manager, Kirsten Kinloch, to see if she had any pearls of wisdom to share with our lovely hosts. You are welcome in advance!


Writing an Eye-Catching Title

Location, location, location is the name of the game when writing a title for your listing – literally. Including the name of your local neighbourhood in the title not only gives people a better idea of where your home is, but can also help them plan their trip in a brand-new city by searching for restaurants and local gems!

According to Kirsten, in many ways the title of your listing is like the front door of your home:

While you do want to clearly include important information (for front doors, this is the house number; for Airbnb listings it is the location of the flat and the number of bedrooms), it is equally as important to make it look exciting and inviting! A quick and easy way to do this is to use alliteration. Everyone’s a sucker for a simple series of similar-sounding words!


Less is Not More

Some people think that being short and snappy means that people are more likely to book a stay in your home, as they don’t have to read through a lot of information. But this couldn’t be further from the truth:

You really can never say too much; in my experience, people love to hear about other peoples homes. According to Airbnb, only 30% of hosts really go the extra mile when filling out their extra descriptions. And you can be that these are the ones who get to share their home with the most guests! So get to filling out those extra description sections; each one gives you the opportunity to show off more about your home.

This step may take a bit of time, but we promise it is worth it!


Make it Sound Like You

We know, it’s very tempting to sit down and write about your home like you would if you were a realtor or a landlord. But don’t fall into this trap:

You’re not trying to sell your home; you really are just trying to share it with new people who love to travel and explore as much as you do! Think about writing your listing as if you were describing your home to a friend – what would be the key things that you would point out to them to get them excited? Lead with this, but don’t go over the top! Keep it simple, keep it friendly, and keep it like you.

Airbnb also suggest writing your listing with a specific person in mind. Think your home would be a great fit for honeymooners? Remember to note that you have romantic views of the city skyline. Is your home more suited for families with young children? They want to know about the park around the corner from your home.

Still feeling overwhelmed by this? Getting some writers block? Or just want someone else to take care of the hassle? Contact Hostmaker today to find out more about our Hands Off Hosting service

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