Hosting in 2019: What are the rules and regulations in London?

Airbnb 90 Day Rule

If you are living in London and considering hosting, you will have no doubt heard the phrase ‘90 Day Rule’ linked to short-term lets. Whether you are well-versed in letting legislation or you’re a first-time host, learning the rules around short-term stays can feel like a minefield. Let us explain how it works!

What is the 90-day rule?
A short-term rental regulation was introduced in 2017, stating that ‘entire home’ listings in the Greater London area can only be booked out for “short lets” for a total of 90-days per calendar year. This rule does not apply to those homes who have the requisite planning permission.
Any bookings that are less than 90-days in length count towards the limit; these bookings are considered short-lets. For example, in one calendar year you could host 45 two-night stays, or two 45-night stays.

What about bookings longer than 90 nights?
Any bookings longer than 90-days (three months and over) do not count towards your annual quota. This is what we call medium or long lets depending on the duration – we tend to consider three to six months as a ‘medium’ let, and anything above this a ‘long’ let.

How do I know when I’ve reached my limit?
Airbnb has worked with local authorities to enforce this rule, so listings will become automatically unavailable on the site once the 90-day limit has been reached. Other platforms do not track your bookings in this manner, so it’s the host’s responsibility to ensure your short-term bookings across platforms do not exceed 90 days per year.

What if I want to let my home year-round?
For hosts who would like to continue earning money from their property for more than 90-days per year, we can help you to continue earning lawfully through our flexible lettings model. If you wish to short-let all year round, you must apply for the relevant planning permission from your local council. You can find more information here.

What is Hostmaker’s flexible lettings model?
Flexible letting is our unique model which delivers a smart blend of short, mid and long term stays – ensuring we secure you stable occupancy and maximise your profit throughout the year.
We can help you to map out your calendar availability for the year, ensuring your home is available for short-lets during the high season (summer months and Christmas) and marketing it for medium and long term tenants during the quieter months. This ensures you maintain a steady income throughout the year, and that you are compliant with the regulation on short-term rentals.

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Please note that the information contained within this blog post is not legal advice and shouldn’t be taken as such. If you are unclear on the rules and regulations in London, you should review relevant authority websites and/or seek formal planning advice.

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