Hostmaker #3 of Deloitte’s UK Technology Fast 50 2018

After 4 years and what has been the best summer ever, Hostmaker, the -winning home rentals management company, is part of Deloitte’s UK Technology Fast 50 2018!

Named the third fastest growing tech company in the UK for 2018

Hostmaker has helped thousands of homeowners to earn more than £50 million already, by welcoming more than 275,000 . It’s been an incredible journey, and we couldn’t be happier to be recognised in Deloitte’s UK Technology Fast 50 2018 as the third fastest growing tech business in the country, with a growth of 6,445% over 4 years.


And frankly, our favourite part in the whole thing may just be the delighted surprise on Nakul and Deepti’s faces as the name of the company they built was called out.

That was just priceless.

The marriage of technology and hospitality to reinvent homes

Combining technology and hospitality has always been at the heart of what Hostmaker is and does, but the tech part isn’t always the most obvious.

In part, it’s because a lot of it focuses on lesser-known sides of the business, such as:

  • what price should this flat be, given these hundreds of variables, in exactly X days? And how do we calculate that for thousands of homes, and thousands of dates?
  • how do we get this van from this home to this flat in the most effective way, before the scheduled arrival time of the guest?
  • how do we share all the relevant information about the home to the welcome wizard so as to welcome the guest in a personal way?

Technology truly empowers the whole company. We need it at many levels, to help:

Fantastic .

Curious guests.

And of course, an enterprising team.

After all, we’re on a journey to unlock the potential of every home.


From everyone at Hostmaker: this is thanks to you

We won’t lie, we’re incredibly happy: it means the world to us all.

But we know it’s all thanks to the people who have trusted us so far.

We’re incredibly grateful to our hosts, from the long-standing ones to the newest, who have trusted us with their keys. It hasn’t always been perfect along the way, but their patience and support has kept us on the right path. Taking care of someone’s home is a privilege and a responsibility we don’t take lightly, and so many of the services we’ve developed over the years have come from candid conversations, open feedback and “it’d be really neat if you could” emails. Like our in-house design studio (born from a “do you know someone who could decorate my living room in a way that would appeal to travellers and myself?” conversation). Or our property maintenance team (born from a “I live in Germany, can you take care of the maintenance side too?” text). Feedback is very much a gift.

So really, this is thanks to you.

We are also very thankful to guests, who have come from hundreds of countries to experience one of our cities through a homestay. We do read each and every review, even after welcoming more than 275,000 travellers. There is always something to learn. Plus, helping someone to discover a city from its heart, or a lesser known borough, is truly rewarding. Ask our Welcome Wizards, who greet each and every guest in person: they always have the most amazing stories. Because the people they meet are awesome.

So really, this is thanks to you.

Last but definitely not least, we want to thank everyone at Hostmaker, which is now more than 350 lovely people. From launching all the way in Bangkok to innovative solutions in Lisbon, London or Rome, they’re always on the look out to bring hosts and guests the latest. Like the partnership with our friends at Marriott International, Tribute Portfolio Homes, but also hundreds of more modest, yet crucial ideas day in and day out. One of our values is to “fix the boiler fast”. Because we know first-hand that boilers matter. And it’s great to see it in action.

So really, this is thanks to you.

We cannot wait to see what’s next. In the meantime, thank you so much for your support, and please do keep on sharing ideas with us.

Especially the crazy ones.

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