How to: ensure warm Airbnb guest reviews during colder months

Autumn is finally here: signalled by crunchy leaves underfoot and darker skies overhead. Oh, and another less appealing seasonal signpost: the cold. While us Brits are used to the nippier weather, we strongly advise you spare a thought for your guests from warmer climates as we approach the run-up to Christmas.

Rackety radiators and broken do not make for satisfied guests (or rave reviews!). So we’ve compiled a  to help you keep guests’ cheeks glowing all the way into the New Year. You’re welcome 🙂

1. Have your boiler and radiators serviced 

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, but we have to disagree. During the months your boiler and radiators are your home’s most important feature, and as your guests have paid for the ‘home experience’, they’ll need them just as much as you do. Have your boiler and radiators serviced regularly to check everything is in working order, which will ensure there’s no trapped air or sediment in the pipes. Remember: if guests arrive to a cold home and are unable to fix it, you’ll be the one receiving late-night phone calls and paying call-out fees for expensive repairs!

2. Buy back-up  

We know, now that we’ve said it it makes so much sense. ‘Why didn’t I think of this already’, you’re asking yourself. Well, now you know! And should step 1 fail to meet your guests’ needs, you’ll have a plan B in place that should help avoid negative reviews, as well as awkward phone calls spoiling your own break.

3. Consider boiler insurance 

Should steps 1 and 2 fail to keep guests satisfied, covering your boiler year-round means that inconvenient boiler breakdowns can be repaired in a jiffy by a trusted repairman. It’s also a more cost-efficient way to cover the expense caused by boiler fails – just like with all insurance plans.

4. Make home a mouse-free zone 

Like the majority of your guests, also aren’t fans of the cold weather. So as the thermometer drops they look for warmer, cosier corners to call home – usually in yours. This is especially problematic for those with ground, lower-ground and first-floor flats. However, avoiding leaving food out, and having a pest control agency give your place a quick once-over, should be all you need to safeguard yourself against the negative reviews that come with critter spottings.

Following these four quick steps should ensure guests are kept feeling happy, warm and welcome, with the 5* reviews on your listing rolling in. Now, back to the things that matter: counting down to Christmas and picking out your winter wardrobe.

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