How to: escape the city for a bank holiday, and host on Airbnb at the same time!

As certain as Sir P. John flies, there is no holiday more satisfying than a bank holiday. Why? They usually fall a while before you jet off on your epic summer holiday, or shortly after you’ve returned from your last ‘big’ vacation of the year – the times you’re most in need of a break (why thank you, your Majesty!). Not only that, but they’re free holidays – no annual leave needed! – and there’s so much more you can do in three days vs. two. Yes yes, we know, a truly fantastic bank holiday trip might cost a little more than your average weekend spent in the city. But we’ve got the answer, as well as a few tips for making your weekend away as hassle-free as possible. Our friend Anna can testify, she used our services for every single bank holiday last year. It must be worth it. ????

Step 1: Earn extra cash with Airbnb

When you host with Airbnb, you can pay for your three-day city break in Europe with the income you make letting out your property. And the premise is surprisingly simple: while your house or flat is empty, you list it on Airbnb’s site so that paying guests can enjoy it. Thanks to the sharing economy, money is no longer an object and definitely shouldn’t put you off leaving town for the long weekend. You can read more about that in our last blog post, too.

Step 2: Hire an Airbnb management service to take care of the booking (hint hint)

If you’re anything like us, bank holidays tend to creep up on you without warning. In fact, you probably only remembered the upcoming one when a friend started humblebragging about their Venice trip over coffee. You can humblebrag right back having signed up to host on Airbnb, knowing the income you’ll make that weekend will pay for the expenses incurred on your own holiday. But there’s the problem of who’ll hand over the keys if you’re half-way across Europe. And how will you have time to get everything spick-and-span for guests while also packing up your kaftans? Don’t be put off! That’s where an Airbnb management service, like us, comes in.

We take care of everything, from inbox management and bookings, to providing a cleaning service, laundry service and welcoming your guests at the door – we’ll also throw in charm and local tips, too. This way, you get the 5-star host rating you deserve without any of the hard work that goes with it. When you use a management service, short-notice sojourns (and guest bookings) are no problem, either. This is what we do all day, every day, and we’re completely used to – and enjoy the challenge of – getting homes prepped and polished in record time. All you need to focus on is picking the right SPF suncream. (Our advice is the higher the better.)

Step 3: Enjoy a stress-free, cost-free bank holiday

You’re welcome ????

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