Improve The Security Of Your Airbnb Rental With A Property Management Company

Improve The Security Of Your Airbnb Rental With A Property Management Company

Whilst renting out your London apartment can be a lucrative step into the real estate market, opening your home to a complete stranger naturally poses concerns around safety and security.

Handing the responsibility of your short and long term rentals over to a property management company offers your safeguarding and security in so many ways. A London property management company can help to mitigate your concerns and provide peace of mind to hosts and landlords.

Hostmaker offer a range of safety features to prevent issues as well as reactive measures to tackle everything in between. Including technical checks that attempt to identify fraudulent or suspicious activity before they escalate into real problems.

Hostmaker’s Safety & Security Features

As a London property management company, Hostmaker have listed below a few safety and security processes they have in place to protect your home before you even start the rental process.

1. Creating House Rules

Your host management company will create your rental listing for you, showcasing your homes best features and amenities. Trust us, we’re the experts. Within your rental listing, you are able to set house rules that set guest expectations and highlight any boundaries.

Setting boundaries around guest behaviour, the type of guests you will and won’t accept, and maximum guest numbers is one of the easiest and most effective ways to pre-empt potentially problematic guests and eliminate any problems before they become an issue.

Your properties house rules will appear alongside your listing so that prospective guests can review them before requesting or reserving your home.

Your host management company can politely reference your house rules in any pre-booking communications with prospective guests.

2. Government Verified Guests

Your property management company will carry out thorough guest verification checks so that you don’t have to. Potential guests often have to upload a Government verified ID to allow them to book properties on rental platforms.

Guests with multiple forms of verified ID provide a higher threshold of comfort when it comes to authenticating their profile to an unbeknownst host. Providing a Passport or Drivers Licence; linking social media accounts (each of which requires their own forms of verification) and confirming a real email address and phone number all help in building a more complete picture of who you’re actually dealing with.

3. Ability to Decline Guests

This follows on nicely from the above point. Even if your guest does have a verified ID available, your property management company still holds the discretion to decline guests, you are never forced to accept a booking.

Hostmaker also have the option of choosing whether or not they wish to provide a reason for any booking that they decline.

Your property management company will assess all the information available to conduct research on prospective guests. Whether it’s reading the About Me section of their profile, gaining additional comfort or information from other social media linked sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter), seeing their Airbnb Verified ID badge, or reading through their Airbnb reviews.

Hostmaker will respond to your booking requests for you within 24 hours, irrespective of whether you choose to accept or decline. We do this to optimise your response rate, so that it doesn’t affect future enquiries.

4. Reviews & References

Reviews are a guest’s opportunity to build a good reputation, as well as enabling hosts to share their experiences of their guests with the short and long term let community.

Your property management company look at prospective guests’ reviews prior to accepting a booking request. In addition to reviews, guests can display references from their personal network to appear on their public profile on rental management platforms.

5. Private Messaging & Guest Communication

Amongst all of the safety measures in place, Hostmaker also look after guests and prospective guest communication on our own platform. By using a property management company, all communications can be referenced and followed up, and attempts to identify suspicious or fraudulent activity are always being proactively undertaken.

6. Keep Your Mail in Check

If people notice that your mail piles up on your property, it could become a target for thieves, as they will understand that nobody lives inside for the moment. Even if you have guests inside, it is never the right message to send.

If you are renting out your property but are not able to be at the property physically, you need to join a property management company that can fully look after the property for you.

As a homeowner, landlord, or host you can ask Hostmaker to collect your mail for you and keep it in a safe place. Alternatively, you can contact your post office and ask them to keep your mail whilst you are away.

More importantly, your mail can provide a wealth of information to ill-intentioned people: your bank account details, personal numbers, etc, you don’t want this kind of information to fall into the wrong hands!

For true peace of mind and boosted rental income, partnering with a property rental management company can take the stress off your shoulders as a short and long term host. Always use common sense and remove extremely valuable or personal possessions from your home. The easiest way to do this is to remove or lock-up any valuables from your home so that guests don’t have access to them.

To find out more about Hostmaker’s property management or for more information on the work we do, get in touch. Contact Hostmaker today on +44 7522 161 704 or enter your details online.

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