Interior Design Tips to Make your Property Stand Out

Recently Featured in the Sunday Times, Hostmaker’s Design team shared a list of their top tips to making a rental property pop. They discuss interior design, comfort, instant bookings and pricing. 

As a Landlord, you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible in your home while maximising your return on investment. At Hostmaker we believe that the key on interiors is to balance comfort with discovery. We like the idea that the home is an experience for the traveller, holiday-go-er or businessman, whoever has chosen to stay there. Thoughtfully designed homes are more likely to receive 5-star reviews, and to perform better.

Comfort: Home-away-from-home feels

Some things that set apart our properties from traditional hotels is space and comfort. It’s important that your home feels fresh, whilst also giving a sense that it’s been lived in to add personality. 

Try a fresh coat of paint. A useful tip is to use colour notes and textures on a neutral basis. Neutral walls are a great blank canvas for your colourful, more personal touches, and there’s no chance of them putting any guests off.

For smaller spaces, we recommend using mirrors that make the room feel much larger. You can also utilise some tricks with the wall painting. Paint a dark green feature wall and bring in some floor lamps and wall lights with warm bulbs, and you have a sophisticated room which all of your guests will rave about! 

Decorative elements such as cushions, candles, blankets, books or even just some flowers can make the space feel more lived in, and also adds pops of colour.  A rug can be also a great statement in any living space, complementing other furnishings while adding a layer of comfort – boldly patterned rugs are also an easy way to enhance a room’s style. 

These techniques will decorate and warm the space, and also give the feeling of a bigger dimension. Your personal items can help tell your ‘story’, allow your guests to see where you have travelled, what art you enjoy or perhaps what books you read.

Discovery: Make it a local experience

Guests often choose a home rental for a more authentic experience in their destination of choice. When designing your home, make it an exciting place which offers insight into the surrounding area. Each room should be an area to explore. 
From local delicacies to relevant pieces of art or books, be sure to include items you wouldn’t find in a hotel room! Wall art is always a plus, and nowadays it is possible to include without spending a lot. Search in vintage shops, local markets, or do it yourself by recycling an old wooden door, a very cool bicycle wheel, or using a wallpaper with a standout pattern.

Professionalism: A picture tells a thousand words

And last but not least, a professional and styled photoshoot will make all the difference! Finding the right light and capturing the best angle is vital to showcasing the best features of your property to potential guests. The photos you take of your property not only show guests what space is like, but it also gives them an insight into the level of service. 

Insights With Hostmaker Interiors Team 

Verify guests VS instant bookings 

Instant bookings does what it says on the tin, it’s a feature that allows guests to book instantly, without approval of the host. Instead of notifying the host, the guests can simply choose their desired dates, book online, and discuss check-in plans later.

We always would recommend verifying guests. At Hostmaker, even with Instant bookings, we vet guests in order to ensure that our homes are being taken care of and that the guests leave them as they find it. 

There is no doubt that having your ‘Instant Booking’ feature on leads to more bookings and therefore more income; Airbnb has said so themselves. That said, there are some restrictions on who can book instantly. I recommend using the strictest setting which is guests with one positive review plus government ID. If you think like a guest, you will see why Instant Book is so appealing. We live in a world of instant gratification and no one these days wants to wait days on end to know if they’ve been successful in making a travel booking. 

Common Mistakes made by Airbnb hosts

Becoming an Airbnb host is an exciting and fulfilling adventure. If you go in with the right expectations about what you want to achieve from it and what you are required to put in, your experience will be much better. We see hosts who want to make money from their home but will promote poorly produced pictures of their home. 

The key to successful Airbnb-ing is to present your home well (maybe put in some interior design touches), take great pictures and then distribute it using the right platforms and listings. Once you get some good reviews, you can start charging a bit more for your efforts. 

Obviously Hostmaker can help with making your home look great on Airbnb and we offer this as a professional service. 

Which geographical areas does Hostmaker cover? 

Hostmaker currently operates in 9 cities in 6 countries – London, Paris, Cannes, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Florence and Bangkok. 

Hostmaker have recently launched Hostmaker Essential, allowing Hosts from all locations to benefit from listing across 15+ platforms, pricing optimisation and 24/7 booking support.

Do property management companies go beyond cleaning and making beds?

A question we often get asked is, “Should I empty the cupboards and drawers?”

The practical preparation of getting your home ready for Airbnb involves touching a lot of personal items. Therefore, we encourage our hosts to do it themselves so that there is no issue with breaking or missing items. But if a host wants to outsource this, we can recommend some trusted freelancers and agencies who can help with packing. moving and storage. You can get discounts with storage companies when you go via us. 

Our interior design team – with cutting-edge hospitality expertise – also creates 5-star spaces to stay or live in, going beyond aesthetics, taking care of the full guest-experience with comfort and discovery at the core. 

What price is right for my home?

When it comes to pricing your rental property, there are lots of elements to take into consideration. We advise considering seasonality, events, macroeconomics, demand and supply, location, quality and reviews when pricing your home. The Hostmaker pricing algorithm takes into account all of this, as well as market competitive data, past performance and long term rates. Combined with our pricing analysts who bring their local expertise and look into the performance of the market, the portfolio and each property separately, we deliver up to 30% more revenue than market long term rates comparable from Rightmove and Zoopla.

If you’re ready for stress-free lettings as well as earning up to 30% more revenue, get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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