What are the Main Factors Guests Consider when Booking an Airbnb in a City?

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Airbnb has transformed the world of city breaks for all types of travellers. As the cost of air travel continues to drop, it’s easy to find cheap flights to top destinations like Paris, Barcelona and London, but hotel prices are not as appealing. Renting a holiday home from locals is an affordable option, and also gives tourists more space and the chance to live like a local while staying in the city.

However, the home sharing website has grown at a rapid pace and there are now millions of listings for city rentals all over the world. It can be difficult to keep up with the competition if you don’t know how to optimise your listing and keep the bookings rolling in. It’s important to know what guests are looking for, and how to cater to them. Here are the key factors many travellers look for when browsing for a holiday rental.


A prime location is a top priority for many people booking a city break. They want the perfect base to explore the sights, so properties on the outskirts may not be appealing even if they are luxurious. Don’t get hung up though if your empty nest isn’t in a central location – focus on the great things nearby. Sometimes a trendy neighbourhood or a sports team nearby can be just as enticing.

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A lot of tourists will be international which means they look how far away a property is from the airport. Again, closer isn’t always better, as city airports are often on the outskirts. Find out how people can travel from the airport to your property, and explain the routes clearly. Most airports have rail and bus links. It’s also good to mention how close your place is to the nearest metro station/train station/bus stop for getting around the city.


Many city tourists are culture vultures – they want to soak up the local culture and have new experiences. What cultural landmarks are accessible from your property? Does your apartment building date back to a time which was well known worldwide, or did a late literary legend once visit the local bar or library? There are always stories to be told which can impress guests.


Airbnb guests are searching for a home away from home – that’s why they are choosing a rental over a hotel. Make sure your nest is comfy and cosy and offers everything that travellers could ever need. Five star comfort earns hosts those five star reviews.

Marketing your property as the perfect base for a city break is difficult when there’s stiff competition. Find out how Hostmaker can optimise your listing and guest experience.

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