Meet the Pricing and Channel Management Team

At Hostmaker, we pride ourselves on hiring the best and brightest pigeons from around the world meaning that in whatever way we service your home, we have a terrific team of people behind it. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on our top-of-the-line pricing and channel management team

David Grey

6- David - Mr Money - https-www.linkedin.comindavid-g-36218313-authType=NAME_SEARCH&authToken=jBXY&locale=fr_FR&trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVerticalmynetworkclickedEntityId

Former Wall Street whiz. Head of Yield Management at Hostmaker since June 2015

Based in London

Hails from: USA

“The best part of working at Hostmaker is the challenge of creating a strategy and finding correlation when there is none”

One great tip: In London, I’ve never had a bad time filling my belly at Borough Market

My favourite Hostmaker home: Peter’s great 3 bedroom duplex near Paddington, London. The perfect location and awesome balcony makes me recommend this listing to everyone – and with an average nightly rate of £339, you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 15.59.16

Emma Bowen

16 - Emma - Mme Euros - No Linkedin

Exeter-educated economist. Pricing Analyst at Hostmaker since December 2015

Based in: London

Hails from: UK

“I have loved the challenge of pricing the different cities. When I first joined Hostmaker I started off pricing Rome and Barcelona.  When Paris opened in February 2016 I took over their pricing, and recently I have taken over London pricing.  It has been very interesting to see how each city’s demand operates and to understand the different seasonal trends that effect each city.  My pricing highlight was achieving €1400 per night for a Barcelona home over Mobile World Congress week in February!”

One great tip: When in London, go East. There is so much to see and do from Columbia Road flower market to grabbing some street food in Box Park

My favourite Hostmaker home: Anna’s lovely 2 bedroom period cottage in Hampstead, London. Although it’s still in London, it looks as though you are staying in the English countryside. Plus its ADR is only £175, so no need to splash the cash on an escape to the country.


Ilaria Vernaglione

Ilaria - Mme Euros

An actual Aerospace Engineer (no, really!). Pricing Analyst at Hostmaker since May 2016

Based in: London

Hails from: Italy

“The thing I enjoy the most about working at Hostmaker is that my responsibilities go beyond my job description. I get to get hands on many different things, from market analysis to developing pricing strategies to keep track of our hosts’ performance in terms of occupancy and revenue. I appreciate the trust I was given from day one, and since then I never had the time to get bored, every day brings a new challenge.”

One great tip: In Paris, get lost in the small streets of Saint-Germain, and then head to the Louvre (it’s even more magical at night!).

My favourite Hostmaker home: Melody’s incredible 3 bedroom home in Paris. It’s so bright and spacious, and has amazing views of the Eiffel Tower. Great price (average 550€ per night) for its location!


Elke Fabry


Geography and sustainable development graduate. Channel Management Executive at Hostmaker since January 2017

Based in: London

Hails from: Belgium and USA

“I enjoy diversifying our company’s portfolio and maximising booking opportunities for our listings on other channels. This is what makes my job exciting and thought-provoking”

One great tip: One of my favourite places in London is Portobello Road. I love walking the streets and feeling the vibrant energy of the markets, especially on a Sunday.

My favourite Hostmaker home: Priya and Davinder’s incredibly luxe 3 bed home in Barons Court. Just look at those interiors! It’s one of Hostmaker’s own creations – not every day that you can afford to stay in such a luxe home (but at £165 per night you could!).

Jubilee Mansions-23

Coen Van Sambeeck

Pasfoto Coen

Hospitality expert. Pricing Analyst at Hostmaker since March 2017

Based in: Barcelona

Hails from: The Netherlands

“It’s great to work in this fast paced environment in which you need to be very flexible and act quick. Being in contact with people from different departments and trying to get the best price for both the Host and Hostmaker is something that I really like about this job. It doesn’t feel like working as I’m doing things I’m really interested in”

One great tip: If you’re in Barcelona, be sure to visit Mount Tibidabo to get a great view of the city

My favourite Hostmaker home: this 3 bedroom home in Maison Boutique, Gracia, Barcelona – affordable luxury at its finest at an ADR of £70.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 16.19.05

Hostmaker’s pricing team work hard to make sure that our homes prices remain competitive for our guests, but profitable for our hosts – it’s a win-win situation! Interested in seeing what they can do for you? Contact us today at

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