Refresh Your London Townhouse With Residential Management Services

Short-term lettings are becoming an increasingly popular option for stay in London. Lettings of townhouses, houses and apartments in London and the surrounding areas are showing to be more preferable than four- and five-star luxury hotels. This is because travellers, couples, families and businessmen have more privacy, security and availability in short term rentals.

To easily access these short term rental properties, guests are searching on platforms such as Airbnb and London Townhouses provide Airbnb guests with both space and style, whilst still having direct access to the centre of London and all of its transport links. Most London townhouses offer a classis face with large doors and windows, combined with a modern interior, they are heard to resist.

Many property owners and landlords in London have access to potentially amazing townhouses, but many of them don’t have the experience to work on the property and maximise their opportunities.

How Landlords Can Improve Their Property with

As a Landlord, you may have neglected your London property only for a short period of time but feel that it needs a refresh. Whether you have missed a few interior trends, or you have let the maintenance go, residential management services can help bring your townhouse back to life.

It may simply need a slick of paint, a touch up, or a complete re-design. Listing your London townhouse on Airbnb can, and should be a smooth process. Residential management services not only support with refreshing your properties look and feel, but they provide Landlords with peace of mind when renting out a short-term property.

Importance of Interior Design and Maximising Space in Your London Townhouse

If you think interior design is just about choosing fabrics and collecting colour charts, think again. Your residential management company will understand your London townhouse, inside and out, providing the best interior design that meets your needs.  At Home with Hostmaker specialises in designing bold and characterful interiors for homes and homestays. Inspired by travel, our team of designers unlock the potential of every home, check out our amazing London interior design work here.

The property industry is very competitive in London, and guests are expecting more and more from their short-term rental. The rise of social media has changed the way guests and landlords see interior design. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have broadened the horizon of potential property designs. Design is a profession which requires excellent communication skills. It is essential that your residential management company is capable of translating ideas on to paper through drawings and specifications.

The design of your London Townhouse is vital to exposing your best space and maximising your return on investment. Residential property management means using the space that is available and showcasing your homes characteristic and style.

As a Landlord, you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible in your home, treating it as their own. You are more likely to receive 5-star reviews if your guests’ expectations are exceeded with quirky interior features.

Professional Photography with Residential Management Services

As well as eye-catching designs, architectural features and space-saving furniture, Landlords must get their interior photography right or risk being lost in the crowd. Finding the right light and capturing the best angle of your London town-house is vital to showcasing its features to your potential guests.

What is the point in renting out your property if you can’t do it justice with amazing photography? Your residential management company will organise the space and work with the best lighting to capture beautiful pictures of your property.

The photos you take of your property not only show guests what the space is like, it also gives them an insight into the level of service. If you show care and personality in your photos, your guests will in turn expect this from their short stay.  From carefully placed cushions to feature fireplaces, your residential property management property will look after everything to do with capturing your townhouses’ beauty and style.

Marketing Your London Townhouse with a Residential Management Company

“Where to list my Airbnb property” is often a question flown about online. Renting your London townhouse with a residential management company can save you hours of trawling the web for the right answer. Your management service will look after your listing, with end-to-end management. This starts with listing your property on the largest short term largest platforms online, creating everything from photos, descriptions, pricing strategies and handling guest communication.

Your London residential management company will make it easy to take advantage rising opportunities and get your townhouse property in front of the right guests.

Let Your London Residential Management Company Find the Right Guests for You

Choosing to market your London Townhouse as an Aribnb property is just the first step towards Airbnb success. Who sees your property listing and who books your property is one of the most important stages in the rental process.

It is important market your listing at the right type of guest, whether your townhouse is for families, couples, travellers or businessman. Satisfying guests will lead to higher reviews, more booking and therefore more income. If your property is for families, it is important to consider what makes it ‘family friendly’, are there safe local transport links? If your townhouse is for businessman, is there high speed Wifi available? Your residential management company will create a listing for you that is accurate, marketing your property in the best way possible.

Invest in Residential Management Services

Not only do residential management services reduce the stress of being a landlord, they also help to boost income and maximise the potential of a townhouse property. Hostmaker, a professional residential management company, offer as much or as little support to landlord as needed.

Your experienced property manager can perform regular inspection visits on all of your managed properties, ensuring that no issue is left unidentified. The range of services provided by residential management companies offer complete peace of mind for Landlords regardless of where they are based; ensuring your London townhouse is being marketed in the best way possible. To find out how Hostmaker can help you, get in touch today. Simply fill out our quick enquiry form and tell us a bit about your property portfolio.

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