Simple Ways Airbnb Hosts can Improve the Guest Experience

two glasses of wine on a table

As an Airbnb host, five star hospitality should be of upmost importance. Keep guests happy and your occupancy rates should reflect your efforts. However, with so many hosts and attractive properties on the site, how can you make sure your nest stands out from the crowd? You don’t have to spend a fortune improving the guest experience – so it’s a no bird-brainer!

You really can make your guests very happy with minimal effort. Simple touches and small gifts go a long way, so what are you waiting for? Make sure guests have the best stay ever at your pad. Here are some pointers to get you started!

Welcome packs

Tap into your guests’ needs and expectations, and make sure you deliver them. Other than a warm and personal welcome, you should offer a wealth of information about the property and the local area, to give them everything they need to have an enjoyable stay in your city. This should include the Wi-Fi password as most guests will want to take advantage of free Wi-Fi straight away. Guests often choose to book a homestay because of the chance to interact with a local – so the more tips and advice you can give them about the local area, the better.

Welcome packs can go further than a city guide and recommended places to eat – why not provide basic comforts to get the stay started? Think bottled water, fruit and local snacks to enjoy after their long journey.  Go one step further and provide something personal, for example a colouring book if you have guests with children.

Complimentary amenities

Add value and convenience by providing free toiletries and bathroom essentials. These come as standard in many hotels, so hosts need to provide the same quality or exceed that of a five star hotel, if they want to offer the five star guest experience. Artisan products or handmade toiletries can really make an impact. Hosts may also provide complimentary kitchen goods to make guests feel at home – tea, coffee, milk and sugar are the basics. Make an even bigger impact by choosing to add extras such as biscuits, fresh bread and juice.


DVDs, books and games are a welcome addition to any Airbnb property. A homestay is designed to be a home away from home, so the option of home entertainment is a great way to impress guests and improve their overall experience. Alternatively, give them access to your digital streaming platforms such as Netflix.

These simple added extras will give you a competitive edge when it comes to guest experience.

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