Paving The Way For Smarter Rentals with Keyless Hosting

It’s this simple; if you regularly host guests in your property, then a smart lock security system is an absolute must.

The team at Hostmaker has recently responded to guests and hosts’ concerns regarding security in their rented homes by starting an exciting new partnership with Klevio

During a study, we uncovered that almost 55% of our guests and hosts would prefer keyless entry and ultimately feel secure and confident about checking in anytime into their holiday apartments.

This partnership has given us a solution to our customer needs. Klevio has taken the property rental industry by storm though pioneering a smart intercom, which allows you to open doors from anywhere using your mobile phone. 

This keyless hosting will ultimately mean that property letting will be safer, easier and less time consuming for both guests and hosts. Keep reading to learn how you will benefit from Hostmaker’s new partnership with Klevio and how it is paving the way for smart rentals with keyless hosting.

Reinventing The Wheel With Smart Hosting

Are keys becoming obsolete when it comes to Airbnb property management? We at Hostmaker believe so.

Klevio One works by connecting to an existing intercom system inside a home and is operated via an iOS or Android app. 

The great thing about Klevio is that it there is no need to change existing locks. An electric strike will simply be added to the door(s) which you wish to enable Klevio on. This electric strike will sit in the door frame as a replacement for your existing metal lock setup.

What makes Klevio such an industry changing invention is that it can be fitted in any home. That’s right, any property can benefit from this smart lock solution. 

A cable will discreetly run from the Klevio One device to the electric strike. The well trained installation team will typically fit an electric strike on private apartment doors, as communal doors usually already rely on an electronic system.

This in-house installation team will be able to work with your specific setup, either setting it up as replacement or alongside your existing intercom. Klevio’s smart technology means that the professional installation service is able to use the existing wires in your building to enable Klevio to open the communal door. 

Improving The Security of Your Lettings

Short term, flexible letting is widely accepted within the host management industry as an effective means of maximising financial yields for landlords. This is particularly true in areas of high tourism demand, such as London. 

However, studies conducted by Hostmaker’s property management specialists uncovered that 55% hosts are concerned with the added security risks that come with operating predominantly short term lets.

Therefore, to ensure that safety is optimised alongside financial revenue, Hostmaker have enlisted the expert assistance of one of the most exciting technologies to come onto the property rental market in years. Guests who are going to a Hostmaker property which has Klevio installed will be simply given a digital key code to unlock the premises and access the property throughout their stay. 

This code can be restricted by both time and location, meaning that guests and hosts can both stay safe in the knowledge that they will only be allowed access to the premise for the pre-agreed time frame. 

Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to Klevio, who use the same encryption standards as banks and also implement cryptographically signed messages. Currently, 40% of Hostmaker’s properties have self-check-in enabled for guests; this gives guests the option to choose either self-check-in or an in person meet & greet.

Klevio One is not only safe when it comes to technological means, but practical ones too. This added level of safety comes from the fact that this discreet device is only visible from inside your home, meaning that no one would even be able to know it is installed. There is also no need to worry about it running out of battery as it is connected to the mains electricity supply. 

Convenient Check Ins & Check Outs for Guests

The ability to unlock doors from anywhere brings with it the game-changing benefit of convenient check ins and check outs for guests and hosts alike. Flexibility on check in and check out times can be a real game changer when it comes to guests choosing which property they wish to stay in. 

We all know that delayed flights, getting stuck in traffic or any other form of travel disruption can seriously mess with key handovers. This can be extremely tiresome for hosts, who have to change their plans to wait around for guests. Likewise, guests may be left anxious that they are going to have to pay a late fee or even be left without anyone to stay if they are too late.

Smart access solves these problems for both guests and hosts. Those landlords operating with predominantly short lets will be thrilled to know that, with Klevio, they’ll now be able to open doors remotely for late guests and will no longer need to have a lock box for a physical key.

Track Who Has Access To Your Home

Ultimately, keyless hosting boosts security and convenience in equal measure. Hosts will be able to monitor entry with the easy to use Klevio app, seeing a log of exactly when the property was entered and by whom. This time-coded event log emphasises the sophisticated security safeguards on offer through working with Klevio.

For hosts to check in to their new temporary home, they will simply be offered access through an app that connects to the Klevio One device. This gives those guests using Airbnb for business far more choice when it comes to accommodation, because Airbnb states that a self check in system is required for work trip bookings. 

With more choices for guests and more bookings for hosts, we believe that everyone can benefit from Klevio’s smart locking systems.

Unlocking The Door to Success With Hostmaker

Hosts will be pleased to hear that, alongside this new venture, Hostmaker have built proprietary technology to integrate Klevio within it’s check-in and guest communication products. This means that hosts who opt to install the Klevio One within their property will be automatically flagged to guests with the option of keyless entry and security checks. 

An example of this seamless integration is that selfies & Government ID verification will be organised through our Guest App before guests are presented with the secure key to enter the accommodation. 

Time restrictions are also in place with keys to prevent against misuse and increase safety. This means that both hosts and our own operations management team will be aware of any movements that seem odd, in turn increasing the security of your rental home. Homes that use this keyless technology will also benefit from improved guest experiences; if they are locked out for any reason, they can easily be granted access – stress free. 

Cutting Edge Technology at a Reduced Rate With Hostmaker

Ultimately, Hostmaker’s partnership with Klevio means that Hosts have access to amazing pricing options which are discounted to almost 50%, compared to the market rate. Not only this, but hosts can pay a small monthly fee if they prefer payment in instalments instead of one off payments.

Hostmaker are unlocking the door to the future of property rental success and we hope that you’re coming with us. Ultimately, the use of Klevio’s keyless security system will bring a wide array of benefits when it comes to convenience, security and financial turnover for hosts. 

The Property Management Solution for You

With a wealth of experience in maximising property performance, financial turnover and guest experience, Hostmaker are the rental solution you’re looking for. Depending on the service you require, there are different property management price packages available. For those operating in London, there is even an exclusive 12% fee for flats that opt to install Klevio.

Are you ready to start letting your property with the most secure property management company on the market? Get in touch today, Hostmaker’s professional and friendly team would love to hear from you. Get in contact to discover how you can maximise your revenue, securely.

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