How to Make your Home an Experience

Make your Home an Experience

For many people, visiting new places and staying away from home is a luxury, even if they do it a lot for business or pleasure. When guests stay in a hotel they expect premier service and a high standard of cleanliness – but what is expected of an Airbnb stay? Guests often choose a home rental for a more authentic experience in their destination of choice, with personalisation and a home-away-from-home feel. How can you make your property not just a place to sleep, but a cultural experience for your guests?

Add quirky touches

When designing your home, make it an exciting place which offers insight into the surrounding area. Each room should be a place to explore! Many of your guests may be international and want to immerse themselves in the local culture, so think of ways you can introduce them to your country or city. From local food and delicacies to relevant pieces of art or books, be sure to include items you wouldn’t find in a hotel room.

Relaxation and comfort

Another thing that sets apart Airbnb properties from traditional hotels is space and comfort. Your home is no doubt more spacious than a hotel room, so make the most of that space in the overall design. Utilise the kitchen diner, offer large, comfy pieces of furniture and make sure you provide all the amenities your guests will need. If you want to make the property family friendly then you may wish to include a games console or multiple entertainment gadgets.

Personalised recommendations

You can really help your guests settle in by offering personal recommendations for the neighbourhood. Tips from a local can make a holiday much more authentic – so leave a list of nearby restaurants, bars, museums or places of interest you think visitors should visit. Your guests may not have a 24 hour concierge, but they do have a very knowledgeable host so why wait to be asked the question?

Host an Airbnb Experience

Airbnb have launched an experience platform, which offers local hosts the opportunity to give guests access to cultural experiences in their city. These experiences range from workshops to longer excursions, and are led by local hosts who know their city and community best. Guests can book Airbnb experiences with their accommodation.

If you want to bring your home to life and redefine the guest experience of staying in an Airbnb, we can help – find out more about our management services today.

Tips for Improving Guest Experience Over the Holidays

picture of a house under snow

The holiday season is approaching, and welcoming guests over Christmas and New Year can be very profitable. Whether travellers are visiting family or just fancy a quiet Christmas break, the holidays are an extremely busy time of year for the travel and accommodation industry. If you’re spreading your wings and flying the nest for the holidays yourself, you have the opportunity to become a host and make money from your empty home.

The first step is to secure one or more bookings over the crucial holiday dates. Use Hostmaker’s professional profile management service, including photography, which should get the enquiries rolling in. Our algorithm can also suggest the best price for your property, compared to other similar properties over the holiday period. Once you’ve generated the Christmas and New Year bookings it’s time to make sure your guests have a memorable experience and leave a good review. They might even decide to stay in your nest again next year!

Here are some top tips for improving the guest experience over the holiday season and providing a warm welcome.


A memorable guest experience is a personalised guest experience. Make your visitors feel special by going the extra mile and understanding their needs. For example, if you know a family with young children are staying then you could include some creative activities in the welcome pack, and leave a list of recommended holiday events nearby which are family friendly. If your guests have told you they will be driving around visiting family, leave some maps and parking information for them to plan their trips. Little details can have a huge impact, and let guests know you’ve really tried to improve their stay.

Spread Holiday Cheer

It’s always a nice idea to make your holiday rental feel more homely with some Christmas decorations. Remember that everybody’s tastes are different, so we don’t recommend going overboard with festive décor, however a small tasteful Christmas tree in the corner or a garland on the fireplace can add Christmas warmth and cheer. If you have guests on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day then you could also leave a small gift under the tree for them to open.

Adjust the Welcome Pack

All good hosts have a helpful welcome pack for their guests, giving essential information about the property and the surrounding area. At Christmastime you can modify the welcome information slightly – in fact this should be done each season to update the details and add useful extras. For the holidays why not include a handwritten Christmas or Happy New Year card wishing your guests a wonderful stay? You could also provide an umbrella, hot chocolate, blankets and tasty seasonal treats. If you have a large group staying then board games are a nice touch.

The guest experience is critical for those good reviews you need to rank well on Airbnb. At this time of year it pays to go the extra mile for your guests. If you need a hand providing the best possible experience, Hostmaker can help to add a touch of Christmas magic!