Types Of Smart Locks and the Pro’s and Con’s of Each

During a recent study we conducted in the summer of 2019, we discovered that almost 55% of our guests and hosts would prefer keyless entry and ultimately feel secure and confident about checking in anytime into their holiday apartments.

Currently, 40% of our properties have self-check-in enabled for guests, which is extremely practical for guests who might be delayed or would prefer to check-in at their own time.

Smart locks provide hosts with the ability to unlock doors from anywhere in the world, which brings the benefit of convenient check-ins and check-outs for guests and hosts alike, by automating guest access. Flexible check-in and check-out can be a real game-changer when guests are choosing a property to stay in. With smart locks, there’s no need to have a lockbox for a physical key, which means there’s no chance of any keys becoming lost or missing.

With many smart locks on the market, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one to suit you, your property and your guests.


Klevio has taken the property rental industry by storm through pioneering a smart intercom which means you can open doors from anywhere using your mobile phone. It works through an iOS or Android app and connects to an existing intercom system inside a home. Klevio can be integrated with multiple rental platforms, making it the number one preferred smart lock for many Airbnb hosts.


The great thing about Klevio is that there is no need to change existing locks and that it can be fitted in any home. Your guests can gain access to your premium short term let by receiving an automated digital keycode which they can use throughout their stay. 

This code is restricted by time and location, so you can be at ease knowing your guests can only access the property within the agreed time frame, not before or after. This also prevents misuse and increases the level of safety in your property, which means that both hosts and our own operations management team will be aware of any movements that seem odd and unexpected.

You can also use your phone as a portable intercom so you can talk to people at your front door, wherever you are in the world.

With Airbnb security in mind, Klevio uses the same encryption standards as banks and also implement cryptographically signed messages.

The best news yet? Hostmaker’s partnership with Klevio means that our hosts have access to amazing pricing options which are discounted to almost 50%.


With Klevio, you are subject to a 12-month subscription for £5 a month. Although, with the security and convenience benefits to both you and your property and the exclusive discount available to Hostmaker hosts, Klevio can pay off instantly.

RemoteLock OpenEdge RG Deadbolt

The RemoteLock OpenEdge is a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock which can be integrated with multiple rental platforms. The smart lock can be controlled from anywhere in the world and is ideal for holiday rentals with its mobile app and push notifications.


The RemoteLock can be controlled through a mobile app or web browser, making it easy for hosts to access at any time. Similar to the Klevio, you can receive instant notifications each and every time someone unlocks and locks the door, with an event log showing all records.

With a responsive keypad and integration with Ring and August devices, the RemoteLock OpenEdge offers a level of multi-functionality.


RemoteLock requires a cloud subscription and can only be used on interior doors. The smart lock can be tricky to install without an engineer and lacks Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit support.

Nest x Yale Lock With Nest Connect

When we hear the name Nest, we’re most likely going to think of their smart thermostats. With plenty of smart home competition, Nest began expanding its product line by introducing their very own smart lock system.

The Nest x Yale lock offers a more secure home to its users with a digital keypad and a simple lock on the inside.


First of all, the Nest x Yale Lock offers a secure and tamper-proof keyless system which takes the worry away from missing keys or picked locks. In fact, you’ll even receive an alert to your mobile if the lock senses any tampering. You can assign entry access to guests staying at your property with unique passcodes, with the ability to set schedules so they can only gain access to the property at set times.

If you’re worried about the door being left unlocked after guests leave, the Nest x Yale Lock automatically locks when Nest knows you (or your guests) aren’t at the property. It’s also very easy and simple to lock the door on your way out, with one-touch locking.

The Nest x Yale lock is battery powered with standard batteries, making it easier to find and replace the batteries when the time comes. If you have other Nest products in your premium short let, you can very easily integrate the lock with your products. The lock is extremely easy to use for guests who aren’t familiar with the system.


One of the main cons to the lock is the issues some users have had with connectivity and setup, particularly if you change your Wi-Fi password. However, customer support is available to all users 24 hours a day.

You’ll also need a Nest Connect or Nest Guard to use it, meaning that it can be expensive. There’s also no manual key, so if the lock loses power, you’ll have to charge it with a 9V battery to unlock the door.

It isn’t designed to be used for home and holiday rentals, so it might be tricky with updating codes on a regular basis. However, it can be ideal for longer-term rentals.

How Hostmaker can help you

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