The perks of an in-house cleaning team – our not-so-dirty secret.

We’re not known for downplaying our abilities at Hostmaker – the British modesty is one stereotype that’s escaped us. (Though we do love a good cup of tea). We can on-board new homes just days before the first guests step through the door. We’re charming and charismatic when tending to every booking request. And our local knowledge has charmed many a guest we’ve greeted at the door. But while impressive, none of these facets of our Airbnb management service are the reason guests, and hosts, love us most. So we wanted to let you in on our not-so-dirty little secret: our cleaners (we call them Hostmakers) are our lifeblood. Let us tell you why!

  1. Industrial strength

We knew when starting our business that the best way to keep things spick-and-span would be to fully employ an in-house cleaning army. Outsourcing would be cheaper. And it’d certainly be logistically easier. But having our own team means we’ve been able to train them our way, ensuring we’re confident – every time they set off sponges in hand – that they’ll do a stellar job.

  1. 5-star service

We’ve got notoriously high standards, and we’ve only hired those who’ve got the same. Just like in a hotel, presentation is as important to us as a lemony-fresh scent in the bathroom and gleaming kitchen counters. Little details, like the positioning of pillows and precise, Hyatt-style bed corners are as high a priority to our eagle-eyed cleaning crew as they are to us. With an outsourced cleaning service, we’d have no way of ensuring a shared ethos and matched priorities. Nor would we (on behalf of our hosts) be achieving 5-star reviews on Airbnb. It turns out, guests are just as meticulous as us and our cleaners!

  1. One of the flock

We’d never let our cleaners fly the nest, no matter how big our company grows. Outsourcing this arm of our business is not, and will never be, an option. And that’s not just for the reasons listed above, either. The main one is simple: we love them. Every member of our team knows that they’re the heart of our business, and without them stopping by the nest to pick up keys we wouldn’t be able to get to know them individually, and they certainly wouldn’t feel very valued! As crucial members of the team, they’re motivated to keep doing a spectacular job. And we remain confident that our cleaning standards are unwaveringly consistent.
Finally, should any of our beloved housekeepers be reading this: THANK YOU. We really couldn’t do this without you.

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