Tip of the week: it’s all about you

An important part of sharing your home on Airbnb is writing the ‘Describe Yourself’ section of your listing. By getting this just right, you can help encourage more people to book a stay in your home and live like a local in your own city! Here are Hostmaker’s quick tips of the week to help you get started:

Avoid rewriting your resume

Although people do tend to be interested in what you do for a living (we’re all nosey after all!), it is more important to let people know about you. Let them know if you’re more of a spontaneous traveler, or a careful planner; a beach bum or a ski bunny; a culture vulture or a resort hopper.

Smiling is infectious

Match that smile in your profile picture with what you write! Be friendly, use a few smileys, and help people feel welcomed before they even step in the door 🙂

Make it snappy!

Unlike other areas of your listing – where we’ve said that more most definitely is more! – here, the opposite applies. No more than a paragraph should do perfectly! But if you’re a bit of a chatterbox, you can add more details in your ‘Say Hi to Guests’ section of your personal Airbnb profile.

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