Tip of the week: let your guests book at lightning speed

As Europe’s #1 Airbnb management service, Hostmaker always tries to go the extra mile for our hosts, so that we can ensure that we welcome the right guests into your home and maximise your potential revenue by putting your home to work. This takes shape in a number of ways; from our incredible interior design team making your home look its best and brightest, to our resident social butterflies on the guest experience team communicating with and vetting your guests before they arrive.

Hostmaker’s top tip for this week comes directly from Kirsten Kinloch, our Onboarding Manager. It’s super simple and will allow for guests to book your home in a flash: turn on instant book on your Airbnb profile!

Instant Book is a host setting which lets guests who meet your requirements automatically book your space. This can include only guests who have positive reviews, only guests who have ID verified by Airbnb, and/or only accepting instant book guests within a certain time period.

According to Kirsten, hosts that fail to follow this simple step risk lowering the amount of bookings that they receive by up to 40% – which can have quite an impact on the amount of pocket money that you make by sharing your home on Airbnb! Not only that, but according to Airbnb putting your home on instant book can:

  • Make your home more appealing to guests, at it is easier for them to book a stay
  • Positively affect your listing’s response rate, and therefore your home’s placement in search results
  • Be a stepping stone to reaching super host status!

Want to have all the benefits of instant book but still have a say in who stays in your home? Then you’re in luck! As we mentioned earlier, there are several settings that hosts can alter to their specific needs when placing their home on instant book that allow hosts to carry out some (cyber) guest-vetting. You really can have your cake and eat it too.

If you want all the benefits of having your home on Airbnb but without any of the hassle, contact Hostmaker today at london@hostmaker.co to see how we can help you!

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