Tip of the week: having that perfect profile picture

You know how the old saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words. So when it comes to setting your Airbnb profile, wouldn’t you like for the thousand words that you tell people to be ones that are positive, friendly, and truly reflective of you as a traveller and host?

We here at Hostmaker certainly do! We asked all of the pigeons in our flock, and came up with the following helpful hints for our tip of the week: getting your profile picture-perfect!

  1. Make sure that your face is clearly in the photo

This first tip might seem obvious, but based on our experience, not everyone follows it. People want to know whose home they are staying in, after all!

  1. Make it a travel shot.

People love to use Airbnb to connect with like-minded travellers – so why not showcase your wanderlust by making your profile picture a snap from your favourite holiday!

  1. If you’re a family or a couple, be sure to include everyone in the photo

According to our onboarding manager Kirsten, it’s nice if people can relate your family home to a real family, as we find that it encourages people to look after it better!

  1. Smile like you mean it

You’re never fully dressed without a smile, so why make the exception for your Airbnb profile?
By following these tips, you can help people feel more safe and welcome in your home (not to mention help bring in those bookings!)


Image via Skift.com https://skift.com/2013/11/13/airbnb-gives-hosts-the-tools-to-become-hoteliers-in-app-redesign/
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