Tip of the week: telling it like it is

Short let rental platforms, especially Airbnb, are communities of trust. For guests, it’s important to trust that the home they are about to stay in is safe, comfortable, and exactly as the listing had described. For hosts, it’s important that their guests are not only who they say they are, but that they will take care their home as best as possible. So as London’s #1 short let management agency, we take we take every step we can to ensure that only people we trust are welcomed into our hosts’ homes: from guest vetting and always using in-person check ins, to hiring all of our team in-house.

But after they have gone home, there is one final important step that some hosts do neglect: writing and leaving a review. Reviews not only allow for you to give valuable feedback to your guests, but it also lets other hosts know in the future what kind of guest to expect!

This week, we are giving you quick tips on writing those reviews… as well as one or two to help encourage your guests to leave a great one in return!

Say it like you meant it

Like when writing your Airbnb listing, or host profile, let your tone of voice shine through your review. And above all, let it reflect your feelings about your guests! If they’re the best guests you have ever had? Say it! If they left you a lovely gift? Be sure to give it a special shout out! But if not? It’s your role as a member of this community to forewarn other hosts on the platform for anything they should look out for when welcoming these guests into their home.

Honesty is the best policy

According to Femke Vorstman, a member of our Guest Experience team, it is best to be as honest as possible – even if what you are saying might not be what the guest wants to hear.

‘If the guests left way after checkout time, or left your home a mess, then say exactly that. You’ll be doing a service to your fellow hosts, who might think once or twice about letting this person stay in their home!’

One last time

Whether you are a brand new host in need of some reviews to boost your profile, or just like to hear how you’re doing, our final tip for you comes from Kim Fraser from the Guest Experience team:

‘Write your guests a quick message just after they have checked out, and before you leave your review. That way, you can make sure that they had a good stay, and it gives them an opportunity to provide some feedback if they need to.

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