Tip of the week – wake up and smell the five star reviews

At Hostmaker, we believe that great Airbnb’s should delight all five of a guest’s senses. From the rich taste of complimentary coffee, to the soft touch of newly laundered and pressed linen, everything should say “welcome home!”

Hostmaker’s host tip this week is to engage a sense that is often forgotten, but always makes an impact: smell. While the scent of a freshly cleaned home is incredible, we like to encourage our hosts to take it a step further for their guests by using candles or reed diffusers to help bring in those glorious reviews.


Both options hold a dual purpose. Tactfully placed around the property, either would make your home smell great, of course. But they can also add to your Airbnb’s interior design scheme, with funky patterns or striking colours. And luckily, both come in a variety of scents (and price points!) to suit your own personal taste, style and budget.

While we use both candles and reed diffusers in our homes, we personally prefer reed diffusers: they create a more subtle aroma for your home; they need replacing less often; and, as they aren’t a fire hazard, cause less stress for hosts and guests.



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