Ultimate Property Checklist: What your property needs before being listed on Airbnb

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So you’ve decided to list your property on Airbnb and make some extra cash for 2018. That’s great news – but you must be prepared for a long process! Creating the perfect rental doesn’t happen overnight, and there are some thing you need to be aware of before becoming a host. Here’s Hostmaker’s mini guide to preparing your nest for Airbnb.

  1. Know the law

It’s simple to create a listing for your property on the website, but knowing which laws apply to you is more confusing. Airbnb doesn’t tell you which laws apply to renting out your home, as they differ all over the world. It is the responsibility of all users and hosts to make sure their use of Airbnb doesn’t violate any city, state or country laws. For example, home owners renting out their property in London need to be aware of the 90 day rule, and in some areas you may need to be registered or apply for planning permission. Subletting is also risky business – check your rental agreement if you don’t own the property outright, or you might be in trouble if your landlord finds out you’re making extra cash.

  1. Focus on design

In many cases, homes aren’t suitable for listing straight away without some changes. You may have lived happily in the space for years, but it’s probably not to everyone’s taste! Consider investing in a re-design of your apartment or house, always putting guests’ needs first. A modern, spacious and interesting listing will attract more guests, and adding value means you can increase the price per night.

  1. Guest conveniences

Before renting out your property you need to start thinking like a hotel or B&B owner. If you were staying away from home what would you like or need? Consumables such as bathroom toiletries, toilet paper and cleaning supplies should be a given and will need to be stocked up between arrivals. Little extras can lead to positive reviews – think welcome snacks, tea and coffee, bathrobes and slippers.

  1. Know your area

If you’ve lived in the area for a long time then you have a fountain of knowledge for your guests. Make information easy for your guests to find – put together a welcome pack including local maps, points of interest and your recommendations. Find tourist brochures and local takeaway menus to help your guests make the most of their stay. The welcome pack should also include emergency phone numbers and information about the property, such as fire escape routes and the Wi-Fi password.

  1. Listing and pricing

Once you think your property is ready to expect guests, it’s time to get listed. Make sure you have amazing imagery to show off the best of your property, and describe all the things which make your listing great. However, don’t over exaggerate as if the property doesn’t live up to expectations you won’t get the all-important five star reviews. Pricing is another important factor. Airbnb suggests new hosts price their properties below average, to try and build up your profile. But don’t forget that you should take into account the cost of utilities and cleaning services, and make sure you’re making a profit. A pricing review can make sure you’re charging the best price to maximise profitability.

Airbnb has revolutionised the rental market…come and get a slice of the pie! Chat to us if you need help becoming a host.

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