Vital Tips To Improve Your Airbnb Host Skills

Vital Tips To Improve Your Airbnb Host Skills

Vital Tips To Improve Your Airbnb Host Skills

Whether you’re a brand new Airbnb host or you have been renting your property on Airbnb for a while, there is always room for improvement. Being a mediocre Airbnb host isn’t difficult, all you need to do is manage the booking and ensure that guests have the basics for their stay. However, it isn’t the mediocre Airbnb hosts that build up a list of repeat guests and it isn’t the mediocre Airbnb hosts that receive the impressive reviews. Luckily, improving your Airbnb host skills is relatively straight forward. In fact, a few minor changes can make a big difference.


Top Tips for Being a Good Airbnb Host


  • Communicate With Guests Prior to Their Arrival – It’s always a good idea to communicate with guests a few days prior to their arrival, to confirm that the booking is still going ahead and to provide them with any last minute information. This could include directions to the property and details of how their check in will work. A lot of Airbnb guests will have made their booking a little while in advance, so getting in touch as their arrival approaches puts their mind at rest by letting them know that you’re still expecting them. Plus, this gives them an opportunity to ask any questions.


  • Always Be Honest and Upfront With Guests – The best Airbnb hosts are those that are upfront and honest with their guests. There’s very little point in falsifying information or twisting the truth, especially as guests will find out when they arrive. For example, don’t brag about a great WiFi connection if there isn’t one and don’t highlight a central location if the property isn’t actually that central. Though exaggerating how great the property is may sound like a good idea at the time, it’s more than likely going to end with dissatisfied guests and poor reviews.


  • Get to Know the Local Area and Attractions – As most guests will be staying in the area for the first time, it’s a good idea to get to know the local area and its top attractions. This could include tourist spots, places to eat and even the local laws. As an Airbnb host, guests are likely to call on you for information and recommendations. Guests can find a lot of information online but many will prefer to get their information from someone who has personal experience.


  • Always Assume Guests Will Be Great – Though you may have had poorly behaved guests in the past, always try to approach every new booking by assuming that the guests will be great. Not only will this make their stay a lot less stressful for you, but it will help you to come across as a great Airbnb host. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, focus on helping your guests to have a perfect stay.


  • Ensure Guests Have All of the Information They Need – Before guests check in, make sure that they have all all of the information they need about the property. This could include details of how to work the appliances, WiFi passwords, directions to the nearest supermarket and emergency contact numbers. This will show your guests that you have planned for their arrival and that you genuinely want their stay to be an easy one. Many Airbnb hosts create a welcome guide or user manual for the property, which can then be used by all guests.


  • Consider Offering Small Toiletries and Snacks – Offering guests small toiletries and snacks isn’t a vital part of being an Airbnb host, but it can single you out as being exceptionally well prepared. Lay out the things that guests may need before they have time to head out to the local shops such as shampoo, toothpaste, bread and milk. Though buying a few small items to make a guest’s stay more comfortable may initially seem to be an additional cost that could be avoided, it can go a long way towards placing you above other hosts.


  • Be Flexible With Check In and Check Out Times – As an Airbnb host, you have the ability to specify when guests are required to check in and check out. However, it’s a good idea to be somewhat flexible with this. For example, offering a late check out option is beneficial to those with a late flight. Similarly, a late check in option is often necessary to those arriving in the evening. It’s often best to offer specific times but to note that you’re happy to be flexible if you need to be.


  • Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Being Friendly – It may seem to be an obvious tip but it’s one that many Airbnb hosts forget. In order to improve your Airbnb host skills, you should always be friendly and approachable to your guests. Not only will this encourage guests to ask questions when they need to, but it also creates a positive environment. There’s always a risk of something going wrong with an Airbnb stay, but guests are much more forgiving when they are dealing with a host who is genuinely happy to be helping out. When you’re an Airbnb host, a smile and a positive attitude can go a long way.

As you can see, the top ways to improve your Airbnb host skills are all things that can be done with relative ease; there’s very little cost or effort required. However, the payoff is impressive. By taking the time to really think about what would make a guest’s stay more comfortable, you could significantly improve the quality of their stay and your Airbnb host skills. This can lead to repeat bookings, great reviews and guests recommending you to their friends. If you have other properties listed for rental, this could lead to guests considering a stay in one of them. Simply, the benefit of great Airbnb host skills is immeasurable.

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