Why a sofa bed is for life, not just for Christmas

Hostmaker Sofa Bed Investment Tips

November is fast-approaching, and your beloved relatives are starting to make their Christmas plans – who’s visiting who, when they’ll arrive, how many of your lovely nieces and nephews you’ll have to cram into your not-too-spacious city flat. After a few nights of cold sweats, you have a ‘eureka moment’: you’ll buy a ! Sure, it’s pricey, but at this point it’s your only solution. Sound familiar?

Well we have some good news, and some even better news. A sofa bed will certainly see you through the influx of red-flushed, festive guests this season. But a sofa bed is also a great for your listing. And if you’re skeptical, fear not: we’ve crunched the numbers for you and have the figures to back up our thoughts – after all, this is very nearly the season of giving 🙂

We’re assuming your Christmas visitors aren’t paying for the privilege (that definitely isn’t what Santa would have wanted), but your Airbnb guests do pay to stay in your home-from-home for a little while. And it turns out, they pay more the higher your maximum number of guests. 82% of our one bed flats that have a sofa bed average more than 2 guests per booking, meaning surplus guests make use of the living room – it’s also worth noting that the hosts averaged an extra 7% above their long-term rental estimate, too. And in terms of Airbnb income: a flat that averages £161 a night should expect to average £167 when listed as having a sofa bed.

That’s right, your sofa bed is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving: with 80% occupancy, a £650 sofa bed would pay for itself after 109 hosting days, with a return on investment of 265% per year! As experienced Airbnb property managers, we highly recommend you snap up a sofa bed and tweak your Airbnb listing accordingly. Then start day-dreaming about how you’ll spend the extra cash – we recommend you treat yourself to a present and reward your excellent decision-making 😉 Happy spending!

This is especially true for 1 bed flats. 82% of our one bed flats that have a sofa bed average more than 2 guests per booking which clearly indicates guests 3 and 4 sleep in the living room.

The more bedrooms the less a sofabed is needed but it still provides flexibility to guests.

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