Why meeting your Airbnb guest in person matters

Accepting your first guest – or any guest, for that matter – through Airbnb is exciting. You’ll be counting down the days until they arrive, keen to show them your pad and ‘hood, and even keener to ensure they have a good time while in both. So how can you ensure they enjoy their stay in your home? Having a characterful, clean place with comfy beds and fresh linen will definitely earn rave reviews, but often overlooked is the personal touch – meeting a guest at your door rather than leaving keys in a lockbox that says ‘I’m just in it for the money.’ A friendly face will help guests settle quicker, ensuring they can have a great time on their city break. But can also be beneficial for you too, helping put your mind at ease should you have any pre-arrival jitters. Meeting a guest in person to hand over the keys is a great way to put your mind at rest (as well as theirs), acting as the last ‘safety net’ once you’ve received the final booking confirmation. We’ve broken down the most important reasons to greet a guest in person below.

The warmest welcome

The Airbnb experience is about much more than the accommodation itself. After all, if a guest valued their immediate surroundings above everything else, they’d probably be staying at the Hilton! Airbnb is about experiencing the city like a local, and who better to fill them in on the neighbourhood’s secret spots than you? And as well as a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve improved someone’s trip, this perk of face-to-face meet and greets is sure to result in lots of 5-star reviews, too. What more could you ask for?

Fill in the blanks

If you’ve listed your property as available on Airbnb, chances are it’s because you’re jetting off to somewhere for a holiday of your own. And what could be more distracting (from the important things like tan topping-up and marathon reading sessions) than emails from confused guests about how to switch on the boiler, or how to log in to the WiFi? Because it’s also distressing for them, long periods of confusion are likely to result in lower review scores, too. But meeting them in person and explaining your home’s quirks in all their glory is an easy way to prevent such situations before they arise. Of course, you can always leave the ‘house rules’ in a prominent place in your home before you lock up for the last time. But words are much easier to understand when spoken aloud by a human than when read on paper after a 9-hour flight.

Face behind the place

Hotel rooms are faceless (and a little soulless, but we might be biased 😉 ), which makes it harder to have for the space itself. Having heard first-hand how much is attached to your living room rug, and why you’d be really grateful if guests could take their shoes off while crossing it, is often a more effective way to ensure guests take care of things than the aforementioned words on paper. Who knows, maybe Keith Richards would have kept the TV on its stand had been around back then!

So, there’s no two-ways about it: meeting your Airbnb guest in person is not only important, but extremely beneficial for both sides. And if turning on the charm isn’t your thing? You can always have an Airbnb management service take care of it for you…!

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