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A match made in heaven!

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Hostmaker

A match made in heaven!

A winning combination!

Just a quick ride on a bus or metro train from Barcelona lies the bustling municipality of L’Hospitalet. Host of the annual Mobile World Congress, L’Hospitalet is also home to Barcelona’s own financial district, shopping malls, and a glistening skyline of brand new high-rises.

Currently, Hostmaker fully manages over 70 homes in Barcelona and Hospitalet combined, and we have found that the Hospitalet short-term letting market has become one of our most exciting business opportunities. Unlike homes in Barcelona, ones in the outskirting areas like Hospitalet are not subject to the same restrictions, making it perfect for people seeking to buy short-term let investment properties in the area. Add this to lower house prices than in the city, and Hostmaker's expertise, and you have a winning combination!

Why Hostmaker?

We have been managing homes in the area since 2014, so we really do know the ins and outs of the short-term rental market.

We have developed our very own algorithm using an incredible amount of data and financial analytics, making sure that we are always maximising monthly revenues for our hosts.

Our team has a over 40 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, which helps us make sure that all of the services that we provide are to the highest quality, which in turn helps our hosts get the most out of their home.

The results speak for themselves...

Alvaro is just one of our hosts in Hospitalet who has reaped the rewards of investing in the area.

Take a look and see what he accomplished with Hostmaker's help.

Giving us 10 of your homes to manage will decrease your management fees from 20%* to just 17%*! Feeling in an especially sharing mood? Allowing Hostmaker to manage 20 of your homes will see your management fees decrease even further to 15%*!

* +VAT