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All-Year Round Returns for your home in Barcelona

Pricing Strategy, Quality Services, Outstanding ROI, No Hassle

All-Year Round Returns for your home in Barcelona

Pau’s Home, Barcelona3 bed home

Pau lives and works in London, but he’s originally from Barcelona and owns a 3 bedroom house in Sants, a picturesque and lovely neighbourhood. Pau came to us looking for a better solution to the management of his Barcelona home. He was unhappy with the low occupancy rates that were being achieved, and was convinced that his home was not being marketed to the correct guests. He handed the keys over to us and was stunned to see the occupancy rates straight away jump up from 45%, to a steady 80-90%. So happy with our service and the many good bookings, he handed over the keys to hisLondon pad too.


We maintain high occupancy rates and nightly rates so that we consistently outperform our hosts long term rental values throughout the whole year, even during the low season months of January and February.

We help hosts like Pau make over 4x their long-term rental values over high season months.

We keep hosts happy with quality of service and without standing returns for their homes.

Why Hostmaker

We have years of experience in data and financial analysis, and have collectively been working on pricing Hostmaker homes since 2014 so we know the Airbnb and long term market very well.

We have access to large amounts of data, and have developed a fancy algorithm to make sure we are always maximising monthly revenues for our hosts.

We also have years of hotel experience, so we make sure that we provide the highest quality services in order to get our homes good reviews, which in turn secure more nice bookings.

The Challenge

Attracting the right guests for his home.

Understanding how to price the home according to competition in the neighbourhood.

Maintaining high occupancy rates and high nightly rates over the low period.

Constantly securing a monthly revenue superior to a long term rental yield.

Execution and Delivery

The listing is perfectly described and photographed to draw the best kind of guests in, and then the communication is expertly handled so that these guests convert their requests into reservations.

Once the long-term strategy has been set, the nightly rates are adjusted on a daily basis to reflect demand and supply changes. The pricing pro’s have even developed their own tool to take into account prices of similar Airbnb listings in each neighbourhood, which they use to backup any of their pricing decisions.

We take care of everything for you: ordering the furniture, painting and setting it all up in the blink of an eye.

Our team know the rental market, so they're able to price each home in order to maximise and outperform the long term yield. In Barcelona, the revenues our hosts receive each month are, on average, double or triple the long term yield.

“We have years of hotel experience, so we make sure that we provide the highest quality services in order to get our homes good reviews that yield to higher income”