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We helped Valerie make 50% more money this Christmas!

We helped Valerie make 50% more money this Christmas!

All about Valerie

Valerie designs silver jewellery and she became an Airbnb host for the first time during Winter 2014. She contacted us to take care of her home while she was away but she got so excited when she received the first booking that she pushed the “accept button” before we could even price her home accordingly. In 2015, with our expertise, we helped her nearly double her booked price and this exceeded Airbnb recommendations by 68%. Icing on the cake, she is now a Superhost!

Why Hostmaker?

We have years of experience in dynamic pricing in the hotel industry, working with the largest hotel companies in the world.

Our experience and our sophisticated algorithms [our secret sauce] help being more accurate than the Airbnb Pricing Tips and other Pricing Tools.

Funnily enough, pricing is not only about making money, but attracting the right guest. We ensure this happens.

The Challenge

Understanding the difference between short term and long term rental pricing

Knowing which Airbnb listings you compete with.

Pricing according for the Christmas and New Year's eve period.

Reviewing prices on a daily basis.

Execution and Delivery

Our pricing experts, Nakul & David evaluate the Airbnb listing and position it appropriately on Airbnb.

Based on a complex set of variables, pricing is reviewed frequently to generate enquiries for your home.

Our responsive reservations team converts these enquiries into bookings, read more about them.

Nightly Rate -

£3000 made in -