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We put Jeremy’s home to work!

Have guests to stay and pay for your weekends away

We put Jeremy’s home to work!

About Jeremy

Jeremy became a Hostmaker host in December2015, looking for a flexible management solution for his home. Like many city workers, Jeremy likes to seek escape from the hustle and bustle over the weekend, leaving his beautiful home available for three days out of seven. Looking to take advantage of his situation and the burgeoning sharing economy in London, Jeremy reached out to Hostmaker, knowing that our pricing specialists could maximise his income while he was away.

Why Hostmaker?

Our specialist pricing tool can be tailored to fit a wide range of host needs and availability.

Hostmaker's team of pricing analyst shave a combined experience spanning over 20 years, helping maximise your revenue.

We make sure that you and your guests feel right at home - as often as this may be!




The Challenge

Accommodating a host whose calendar has limited availability, and matching their home with guests who are interested in these particular dates.

Competitively pricing the property listing to optimise occupancy in spite of limited back to back calendar availability.

Customising Hostmaker's own pricing algorithm to maximise his income as a casual short-term let host.

Execution and Delivery

Our dedicated pricing team created a bespoke strategy for the host, so that we can help him earn as much as possible.

They monitor prices regularly and adjust the rates to ensure we maximise revenue for the dates available.

Pricing analysts evaluate the performance of competing listings in the local area to ensure our prices are always competitive, while taking into account the lovely decor of Jeremy's home.


A host that gets to live the best of both worlds by putting his home to work at the weekend, whilst still being able to sleep in his own bed at night!

Lots of extra pocket money for the host whilst he is away - even with his limited availability through the week.

A happy host, happy guests, and a happy home.