Unlock the potential of your home, your property, or your portfolio.

Opt for the solution that's right for your situation


Brings you a stable revenue for your property every month

CF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FPredictable revenue through mixed mid and long term lettingsCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FYour property is checked more often by expertsCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FNo "empty" months between tenants
Monthly rate agreed upon
Choose Fixed


Maximises your monthly revenue by smartly mixing short, mid and long lets

CF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FUp to 30% more revenueCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FDaily algorithmic pricingCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FFlexible calendar control over your propertyCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FMaximum visibility with 25+ platformsCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FNo lengthy contract commitments
Management fee from 12%
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Best suited for institutions, family offices, portfolio owners and other real estate pros.

CF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FFlexible lettings through a blended-yield modelCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FTech fuelled pricing algorithms to maximise yields across portfolioCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FDedicated Portfolio ManagerCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FSingle & multi-city inventory management modelCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FTailored interior design packages
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All of our plans include…

airbnb management includes profile listing

Stand-out listings created across all the best channels

Property management in London including professional photography

Professional photography

airbnb management includes guests relations vetting

24/7 guest support and callout service

Property management including dynamic rental pricing

Daily pricing review for yield maximisation

Airbnb management includes property design and photo

Interior Design service

Property management including cleaning and housekeeping

5-star housekeeping and linen

Property management in London including maintenance management

Quickly resolving maintenance issues

airbnb management includes passing the keys

In-person meet & greets, warmly welcoming guests to your home

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Our 3 Hostmaker pricing plans are designed to answer the needs of every homeowner thanks to our unique solution of flexible lettings. It all depends on your preferences, your property and what your financial goals are.

But which is right for you? Let's look at each Hostmaker pricing plan together and why clients choose Fixed, Flex or Pro:

  • The Hostmaker Fixed plan is great for landlords who are chiefly concerned with stable returns. Typically, we see clients with high-value homes in more central locations preferring this solution, as it guarantees a high level of guaranteed revenue. This plan is best suited to specific properties, and our talented account managers can help to understand if this is the right one for you,
  • The Hostmaker Flex plan is our most popular, and is widely preferred by the majority of our clients, from single homeowners to multi-property landlords. It's also our original solution, so we've been doing it for years! Plus, since our management fee is based on how much revenues we earn for you, you know that we will do our best to maximise your earnings.
  • The Hostmaker Pro plan is our dedicated, turnkey solution for organisations who have large real estate portfolios, such as institutions, family offices, portfolio owners and managers and other property asset management firms. For instance, we collaborate with BNP PARIBAS Real Estate and other leaders in the space.


Great question! In a nutshell: our clients achieve an average of 30% more rental income, while respecting the 90-day regulation, thanks to flexible lettings.Our unique solution mixing short, medium and long term lets allows us to find the perfect guests or tenants for your property. For instance, during the high touristic season over the summer or New Year's Eve, we will make the most of short lets, while in between, we will switch to medium and long lets. This way, we maximise your rental income all year round, earning you up to 30% more than traditional lettings solutions, wile respecting the 90-day regulation in London.


Yes - we work with a host of real estate professionals, from property investors and portfolio owners and managers all the way to family offices and institutions! We have a proven track record of generating above-market yields, all year round, across all of our markets. With our flexible lettings model, we can provide the right mix of long lets (for safety), medium lets (for maximising yields in low seasons) and short lets (for maximising yields in high seasons). If you are a property investor interested in learning more about our services, tell us about your portfolio and we'll connect you with a dedicated advisor to discuss a specific solution for your needs.


No worries! You may be looking for the added security of fixed earnings, and predictable returns. That's why we also offer a Fixed plan where we fully manage your property and give you fixed earnings each month. The estimate will depend on your property, but it will always be higher than a long-term tenant! Get started now by telling us a bit about your property or properties.


You can't short-let all year - but we're creative like that. At Hostmaker, we focus on increasing your returns by cleverly mixing short and medium term rentals (a strategy that is perfectly legal). We are able to list directly on the traditional medium and long-let sites such Zoopla, Rightmove as well as the likes of BridgeStreet and Spotahome giving your homes the widest distribution possible. Using this strategy, we can competitively price your property with a combination of short and medium-term lets to maximise your revenue, all year round, without exceeding the 90 day policy. For more information, click here.