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Want smooth sailing returns from your property? Go Fixed! We manage your property from end-to-end (including 24/7 guest support and pricing) and pay you a set, agreed amount each month. We take on all the risk in changes to the prices guests are willing to pay, but it also means you miss out on the reward if the market booms!
Monthly rate agreed upon
Fixed Income


plus IVA per booking
If you’re more time conscious, leave it to us to fully manage your property, earning higher returns, without you lifting a finger.
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CF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3F24/7 guest support and call handlingCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FIn-person guest verification checksCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3FAmenities for guests and a welcome packCF52F52A-4A81-4C4D-9C4C-38B8E62F9C3F5 star cleaning and linen services
Management fee from 20%
Professional Service

Go Premium and we'll list your property on our new Marriott listings site

Marriott International CEO, Arne Sorenson speaks about the partnership at VivaTech, the world’s rendezvous for startups and global leaders

With our superior yields and service, Hostmaker has managed lots of hosts switching from our competitors, so this is a process we are very used to. Hostmaker will happily manage any existing guest bookings and incoming guest communications, as long as we can get the right access to your property in the right time frame. Once you sign up with us, all of your existing and future bookings will be managed under our Hostmaker management terms. Tell us about your property and our Account Management team will be in contact to answer any questions you may have.


Yes you can - and you're not asking too much. At Hostmaker, we help our hosts to increase returns by up to 30% and have put measures in place to ensure that only the right kind of guests are welcomed into your home, helping to minimise any risk of property damage. Our in-house Guest Communications team vet each guest before confirming their bookings and we require guests to provide government-verified ID upon arrival. Our Premium hosts can also experience total peace of mind with AA-rated insurance for public liability and damages to the home, furniture and fixtures.


Yes - we are pros at it! We have a proven track record of generating attractive returns for property investors globally. If you are a property investor interested in learning more about our services, tell us about your portfolio and we'll connect you with the right team member to discuss your needs.


Touristic rentals in Portugal are subject to local laws and regulations that oblige the owner to meet certain fiscal, security and hygiene standards. Recently, a new law was approved to be activated on October 21st of 2018. For more information, please consult the "Decreto-Lei n.º 128/2014", "Decreto-Lei n.º 63/2015" e "Decreto-Lei n.º 62/2018", or get in touch with our team.


Of course! We are the only property management company that has its own interior design team. Our team is made up of interior designers who know about what results best in online ads, helping you to maximise your income. Give us a call for more information on the services we provide, values and some examples of our work in this area.